Super Bench


  • The world's most adjustable weight bench.
  • One of the world’s most popular benches.
  • MANY attachments available.
  • Compact. Durable. Versatile.
  • Pad is 51cm high, 112cm long & 25cm wide.
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(53 customer reviews)

One Bench To Do It All!

Whether you train in your garage, shed, outhouse, or a purpose-built home gym, you need an adjustable bench which can withstand heavy loads on the flat, incline, decline, and fully upright.

Our most popular bench has been designed to be the solution to every challenge in a home gym.

Heavy dumbbell work? Leg extensions or hamstring curls? Chin ups or pull ups? Flat, decline, incline, or upright barbell work? Abs and core training?

You can rely on the Super Bench adjustable home gym weights bench to support you and your weights for a lifetime of heavy training.

“Out of all the gyms I’ve been to and benches that I’ve used, none of them compare to the Ironmaster Super Bench. It’s build quality is simply amazing. It’s functionality and versatility is unsurpassed, especially within the home gym market.” – Mike

The Most Versatile Adjustable Home Weight Bench

If you buy just one bench for your home gym, make it the Ironmaster Super Bench.

Why is this one of the most popular weight training benches in the world? It’s reliably strong, rock solid, and massively versatile. Plus it’s built with the quality craftsmanship you expect from Ironmaster.

But there’s much more to this FID (flat, incline, decline) bench than top quality and durability.

This multi-functional weight bench can partner with a huge number of Ironmaster attachments, making it into a lat pull down, chin up station, leg extension, hamstring curl, or entire full multi gym. Add dumbbells or an Olympic bar to use this bench for any flat, incline, decline, or upright work.  It adjusts to 11 angles (including decline), and comes with an additional incline seat as standard. And it’s easy to move, adjust, and adapt.

No wonder it’s the choice of bodybuilding Pros!

“The finest home gym adjustable bench at any cost! I have owned countless home gym benches over the years. Fixed, adjustable, cheap and High End Nautilus. This bench is the king. Heavy duty, versatile, and loads of attachments should you want them. It does everything I ask of it, and more!”  – BSCR

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Why Do People Love The Super Bench?

If you’re looking for the best adjustable weights bench for your home gym, it’s either because you’re setting up a new gym at home or replacing worn-out substandard equipment. Make the right choice and buy top quality and real value for money.

“This bench is an absolute dream! As solid as you could possibly want. Every piece is solid and built to take a lifetime of use. This bench is an outstanding deal. Well worth the money. I have worked out in more gyms than you can name and I know great equipment when I see it.” – Anthony

Ironmaster is one of the oldest and best-loved personal strength training equipment brands. We’re trusted by customers ranging from Pro bodybuilders to the smallest home gyms in the tightest spaces.

The Super Bench is a flagship product, and it’s easy to see why. Strong and hard-wearing. Uncompromising quality. Equipment which works as hard as you do.

Don’t let your home workouts be held back by equipment. Choose a weights bench that you can trust to see you through every rep of every session. No stress, no fuss, no frustration. After all, isn’t that why you made the decision to train at home?

Why Choose Ironmaster Super Bench For Your Home Gym?

You can’t have a gym without an adjustable bench, and it makes sense to choose a weightlifting bench which is adjustable, versatile, and easy to move.

The Ironmaster Super Bench will become the cornerstone of your home gym.

We really believe this is the best utility bench for home use, whether your training space is in a spare room, shed, garage, or purpose-built building. This bench comes into its own when you need amazing versatility in a limited space.

The bench itself is incredibly adaptable. It adjusts to 11 different angles (flat, incline, and decline) with an easy-to-use foot lever which can be adjusted from either side of the bench.

It comes with an additional incline seat as standard, which slides securely into place with three choices of height. When you’re not using it, the incline seat comes away from the bench so you are left with a smooth, flat bench with no annoying gap. The seat follows the backrest pad at any angle, so it will always be perpendicular to give you more stability.

“I looked long and hard for the perfect bench before I came across the Ironmaster Super Bench. If you are considering this or one of the competitor benches then this Ironmaster Super Bench wins hands down on so many factors including shear range of attachments, and massive number of angles you can use it at as well as how sturdy it is!” – Andy

This weights bench is designed to work with an incredible range of attachments, more than any other adjustable bench on the home gym market. Once you start adding Ironmaster attachments to your Super Bench, you can create dozens of options. Here are just some of the options currently available, with more added regularly:

  • lat pull down
  • low rows
  • chin station
  • dips
  • sit ups
  • decline sit ups and dumbbell work
  • preacher curls
  • leg extension
  • hamstring curl

The Ironmaster Super Bench will surpass every expectation you have of a home gym weight bench. It is the result of decades of research by designers and product manufacturers who really understand training. It is made of high quality materials by the industry’s best craftsman, so you know that this weights bench will withstand hard work and serious use.

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Easy To Use Adjustable Bench

When you’re training by yourself, you don’t want to waste time lugging heavy benches around or fiddling with awkward adjustments. The Ironmaster Super Bench is incredibly easy to use. It gives you the choice of 11 lock out angles (including decline), adjustable by using the foot-activated lever from either side of the bench. No more cursing and muttering under your breath as you struggle with a lever that doesn’t want to release.

The Super Bench is solid and secure when you’re using it, but light and easy to move when needed. A Wheel Kit is available, so it’s even easier to move around your gym. But once you set the bench down, the wheels aren’t touching the floor, so you won’t need to worry about any movement while you’re lifting.

And it couldn’t be easier to fit, remove, and adjust the many attachments which go with the Super Bench. From the Dumbbell Spotting Stands and Cable Tower to the Leg Extension, Curl and Chin Up Attachment, this bench can be transformed into numerous different bits of kit. Simply pull out the pin, slide the attachment in, fit the pin and tighten it. Super simple, rock solid, and reliable even under the biggest loads.

Space Saver Bench For Home Gyms

The Super Bench is compact and solid, rated up to 1000 lbs (450 kg) flat or 600 lbs (270 kg) for incline, decline, or upright work. But this is no bulky workhorse. Weighing 32 kg and with a footprint of only 48 cm x 112 cm, it’s easy to move around, or even put away if you need to clear floor space.

Talk about being space efficient. When you add Ironmaster attachments to your Super Bench, you create an array of exercise options to work single body parts or full body.

Reliable And Durable

Like all Ironmaster home gym kit, the Super Bench is built tough. It’s made from best quality materials – so you’ll never need to buy a flat/incline/decline bench again. The heavy duty steel means it can deal with serious weight. And the padding is made from high-density foam with a stitched vinyl upholstery cover, so it’s thick, comfortable and durable.

“Trained in gyms for twenty plus years and was worried about making the switch to training home in my garage as most home gym equipment seems flimsy. Not this bench though, absolutely fantastic! Totally solid in every position even with my 17 stone plus barbell, weights etc. In terms of adjustability, rigidity and build quality I would say it’s the best adjustable bench I have ever used. Well worth the money.” – Mark S

A Name You Can Trust

We want you to be able to do any exercise, in any gym space. The Ironmaster adjustable weightlifting bench solves the problem of how to maximise space in a home gym. You’re about to perfect the gym you’ve dreamed off, so make the right choice. Put your trust in quality materials and thoughtful design. Buy the best home gym equipment and never have to replace it.

Ironmaster is an industry leader in home strength training equipment. We work hard to produce the best, hard-wearing equipment, that’s guaranteed to last you at least 10 years. We think good home gym equipment is something you should only have to buy once. Why settle for anything less than the best?

“This is the only bench you’ll ever need and more. Hands down this is the best Bench I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, it’s extremely solid and very well constructed using high quality materials. If you’re looking to build a home gym, buy this. Once you add in the attachments, it’s a very well rounded system. Bottom line, don’t look elsewhere, you won’t regret the purchase.” – Dario

Adjustable Options For Your Super Bench

Take your training to the next level by adding Ironmaster attachments to this versatile bench.

One Bench. 11 Angles. Dozens Of Exercise Options.

Welcome to the home weight lifting bench that does it all.

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75 lbs (32 kg)


20" (51 cm)


44" (112cm)


18.75" (48 cm)

Load Rating

1000 lbs (450 kg)

Padding Thickness

3" (7.5 cm)

Incline / Decline Angles


Adjustment Levels



10 Year Warranty


  • Can be used for incline, decline, flat, and upright exercises.
  • 11 lock out angles: Inclines, Declines, Flat and Upright. 0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees.
  • Includes 3 position tapered seat that plugs in from the side without any pins.
  • The incline seat follows the main backrest pad, so they are always at right angles, ensuring the perfect seating position.
  • Rated for 1000lbs (450 kg) in the flat position and 600 lbs or (270 kg) in the incline and upright positions.
  • Made from high quality 11 and 12 gauge powder coated steel for superior durability.
  • Extremely comfortable padding with high quality stitched vinyl upholstery.
  • Conveniently located foot lever angle adjuster can be accessed from both sides.
  • Highly compact and stable platform.
  • Many optional attachments available.
  • Ships pre-assembled except for feet so you can start lifting in just a few minutes. Only simple tools are needed to get your bench ready.
  • As seen in Muscle and Fitness Magazine® and Men’s Fitness® and countless web sites.
  • Designed for the home gym, but built well enough to use for light commercial gyms. Popular with personal trainers for studio use due to the amazing functionality and high level of build quality.
  • Stay tuned for future attachments being developed!



Super Bench

53 reviews for Super Bench

  1. I got this bench with in 2 days from order so 5 star for great customer service and delivery. This is the most solid bench I’ve ever seen and for what you get for this price can’t be beat. I will be back soon to buy more Ironmaster equipment.

    5 out of 5
  2. Ironmaster Super Bench I decided to go for this bench after seeing it at the Valley fitness stand at the Bodypower expo. I am very pleased with this product. Extremely sturdy, rock steady and built to last. I am a personal trainer and bought this for my exercise studio. I was more impressed with this bench then many of the more expensive commercial models on the market.

    5 out of 5
  3. I received My super bench combo pack with crunch and dips attachment i also purchased Leg ext-curl and Chin-up attachments this has to be the best bench i have ever purchased can sum it up in one word QUALITY !!! Great customer service and delivery so easy to assemble Great design and so comfortable ! look forward to getting some intense workouts on it will definetly be getting some more Ironmaster equipment would highly recommend to anyone thinking of buying well worth the money 🙂

    5 out of 5
  4. Received my super bench today with abs & chin up attachment . The bench it’s self is very good quality made of very thick and sturdy steel and feels more like a high end commercial one. In flat mode I heard it was too high being 20″ off the ground but I’m only 5ft9″ and I can easily have my feet flat to the ground. I would highly recommend this bench and the attachments to anyone who wants a home gym.

    5 out of 5
  5. For reference, I’m 5’6, I have a gym membership (that I use mostly for the pool and sauna) but thought it would be nice if I could just work out at home when I’m too lazy to go. I did about 2 and a half months of research before trying the IronMaster Super Bench. The problem with most adjustable incline/decline benches are that they’re usually 2 pieces (seat portion and back portion) not a one piece (not referring to attachments) like the super bench so when you’re using it as a flat bench, you’ve got that separation and it just doesn’t feel right. If engineering is designing things for efficiency (for an intended use), then this bench was engineered, not just thrown together. this is a very well designed bench. Is it a bit pricey? That’s debatable. I got a bench with two attachments (comes with the seat, plus I ordered the crunch attachment and dip attachment) for under £400. It is nice that you can get other attachments (namely chin up, leg, and hyper core, plus others), so yeah, you are “buying” into the(ir) system, but you buy into “other” systems too and those other systems aren’t as well designed as IronMaster. I equate the IronMaster to the Audi/Benz of benches. You decide.

    5 out of 5
  6. Awesome piece of equipment!!! I am extremely happy with my purchase if the Ironmaster Super Bench. I purchased most of the accessories that go with the bench. The accessories are easy to connect and disconnect and all of the equipment is very sturdy and well designed. The equipment came packaged very well too. No scratches or dings. Everything was in perfect condition!

    5 out of 5
  7. This bench is an absolute dream. As solid as you could possibly want. Every piece is solid and built to take a lifetime of use. Gym quality. It basically comes assembled. You have to bolt on the feet, but it comes with everything you need. No tools necessary. I had my bench up and running within ten minutes of opening the package. Easy as can be to adjust the incline. Push a pedal and pull. Adjusts from flat to just about 90 degrees. The seat has multiple positions. The attachments that can be added are great additions. I have the pullup bar, dip station, and incline sit up attachment. Some have expressed concerns about the stability of the bench when using the attachments. No need to have any. I am a big guy and felt completely comfortable doing pullups. No tipping and no wobble at all. This bench is an outstanding deal. Well worth the money. I have worked out in more gyms than you can name. I have my own home gym. I have been around and I know great equipment when I see it.

    5 out of 5
  8. The finest home gym adjustable bench at any cost! I have owned countless home gym benches over the years. Fixed, adjustable, cheapo and High End Nautilus. This bench is the king. Heavy duty, versatile, and loads of attachments should you want them. It does everything I ask of it, and more! Unique design works very well, and although it is bolted rather than welded, it is ALMOST as sturdy as the very expensive pro grade single purpose benches in the best gyms (and better than many in lots of inferior gyms). Pair this with the Ironmaster or Powerblock dumbbells and you’ve got a complete weight solution in your home. I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t believe all the time and money I wasted on inferior benches. For those of you considering the competing Powerblock bench, don’t bother. I’ve used both and this is hand’s down a better design, and better function as well. I’m thinking about getting some add-ons for mine, but for now it’s just fine as is. I did a lot of research before buying this bench, and I tried it out in person (which some of you may not be able to do) and I am sure glad I found it. Much better than having 2 or 3 different benches taking up room. I think you will like it, I sure do!

    5 out of 5
  9. I recently sold my Bowflex 5.1 bench. The seat was starting to wobble badly. OVerall I was appalled by the quality. I’ve been reading up quite a bit around benches and my criteria were pretty straight-forward: Something that could EASY manage with my body weight (200lb), be comfortable for my height (6’1″) and also handle the kinds of weights I use (my Powerblocks go up to 50lb each). I wanted a bench that could decline as well as incline, and go FLAT (unlike the Bowflex). I’m impressed. This bench is rock solid. It’s actually not that big, it’s just the right size. When I lie on it and position myself my head and hips are supported comfortably. Moving up or down just a bit causes my hips or head to go off the edge. It’s narrow enough to allow for comfortable flys etc. The seat is not fastened to the bench. It sits securely due to your weight. It’s simple and works well. The seat has a steal base, but the bench foam itself doesn’t. It’s supported by something firm, probably heavy duty cardboard or something. It feels study enough to handle heavy weight on its edges. The semi-circular locking mechanism is uber-cool. You can control it by bending and lifting the latch, or pushing it down with your foot on the opposite side of the bench. Turning the bench 90 degrees and standing next to it, I can imagine that the chin-up attachment could be quite useful, even for someone of my height. That was a suprise. On the other hand, the supports that keep the bench stable side to side seem rather narrow for that kind of activity. And no, the semi-circular mechanism doesn’t look like it’ll really get in the way. Why the four stars? I know it’s good value as it is, but there would be two things I’s wish for: A steal base supporting the bench foam surface, and wider supports. One issue that isn’t really a ‘con’ as such, is the embroidery. I image white embroidery will stain with all the sweat I’ll (hopefully) by pushing out using this awesome bit of kit. I love it, and am starting to think of what attachments to get…

    5 out of 5
  10. I will be short and sweet. I have had the complete system for about exactly one year(IM 2000,SUPERBENCH,and DUMBELLS, and all ATTACHMENTS).I went to gyms for about 5 years and I know what quality is. The unit is not as good as gym equipment, but it is very good for home(especially for heavy duty weight lifters).I love it!!!! No more going to the gym for me. I get pretty much the same results staying at home. You won’t be disappointed. I was skeptical at first to, but I am glad I bought it, very solid. The Superbench is awesome, well worth the money. The dumbbells are great to, very solid. Five stars for everything.

    5 out of 5
  11. This is the only bench you’ll ever need and more. Hands down this is the best Bench I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, it’s extremely solid and very well constructed using high quality materials. I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase the attachments yet but I use this thing 2 times a week and so far, it’s been great. I’ve never had the feeling that it was going to collapse or wobble or be unstable when I’m using it, once the locking lever is in place, it feels welded and secured. Setup took about 10 minutes or so, it took me longer to unpack the thing than it did to put it together but no complaints there. If you’re looking to build a home gym, buy this. Once you add in the attachments, it’s a very well rounded system. Bottom line, don’t look elsewhere, you won’t regret the purchase.

    5 out of 5
  12. Now…THIS is a weight bench! This bench is substantial, which means it’s fairly heavy, but still compact in comparison to other brands, which tend to look like flimsy ironing boards. It’s design is one of a kind and simple to adjust, the angle of the bench, with it’s foot lever. The packaging it’s shipped in is thorough and somewhat difficult to unwrap, which means it won’t get damaged. Assembly is a snap: insert and tighten four screws to install the feet. That’s it. Worth the money if you workout frequently, like a variety of angles, and prefer a substantial feel to your workout equipment. Get the situp/crunch attachment if you plan on doing decline exercises.

    5 out of 5
  13. Great Bench! We just purchased the Super Bench by Ironmaster. It was ordered on a Tuesday and was delivered on Thursday. It took longer to unpack it than it did to “assemble” it. Assembly consists of attaching the legs with four bolts and nuts. The bench is awesome. It is easy to adjust but super solid in every position. It takes up very little room in our bedroom. It is light enough that I can pull it out when I use it an then tuck it back into the corner of the room afterward. We also ordered the situp attachment. This is pretty much required if you are going to do decline bench presses. The attachments take less than 2 seconds to install and remove. With the easiness of changing angles and the quickness of installing/removing attachments, you can reconfigure the bench for different exercises with ease and little time. I have not owned other benches so I can only comment on this one. I would not consider any other bench simply because I am completely happy with this one. The only thing that would be nicer is if the ironmaster products were available in local shops. This would enable a buyer to see and test the products before buying. I own the bench and the dumbbells and couldn’t be happier. I would not hesitate buying other ironmaster products as a result.

    5 out of 5
  14. Better bench than most gyms have. I bought the entire bench + pull-up bar + dip bar + incline leg-holder and the dumbbells w/ 120lb add-on kit directly from the manufacturer. All of these items are extremely well made and put together. I predict that they will last probably 20 years with proper maintenance (wiping up sweat from the cushions etc.). I highly recommend the Iron Master stuff because of the impressive engineering of the bench and dumbbells, they’ve managed an impressive design, which is why they probably have patents on many of their items. All-in-all, if you’re serious about weight-training, i would quit the gym and spend a year’s member dues to get the set, it’s well worth it. Finally, the dumbbells are really adjustable so that small or less strong users are able to use them with no problem because they go from approximately 5lbs to 120lbs in 2.5lb increments.

    5 out of 5
  15. This is a fine and sturdy bench. I have been using it for over 2 months and am quite satisfied with it. I purchased the Dip and chin up attachments and am quite happy with both accessories as well. Many folks find this bench to be high for flat bench presses, however, it seems to suit me just fine (I am 5’8″). The mechanism for changing angles on this bench with either foot or hand is a beautiful design. I am now waiting for my crunch attachment to arrive so I can start pounding my lower chest for a more complete chest workout.

    5 out of 5
  16. This is a great bench. * Build quality – this thing is SOLID so it hard to imagine having any issues. * Stability – excellent. From presses to sit-ups this bench is extremely stable. * Ease-of-use – love the semi-circular adjustment mechanism. Fast and easy to set various angles. And the attachments are easy to place. * Size – great combination of being plenty long enough for a 6′ male and not too long that it takes up the room . My wife and kids like that the way it is put together such that no one accidently bumps into the feet when walking by it. * Looks – looks cool. What else to say – great bench that does what it is supposed to do.

    5 out of 5
  17. Buy the decline attachment and you have all of your bases covered. The seat is adjustable to three heights, which is useful for things like BB Military press (high setting) vs. BB incline press (low setting). Good range of motion available. The bench is nice and solid. I did a TON of research, and while this is NOT the best commercial bench you can buy, it IS what I consider to be the best for at home purposes. If you don’t want to drop a grand on a bench, and want tons of utility, go for it.

    5 out of 5
  18. I am very impressed with the ironmaster super bench. Its very sturdy and feels well built. The padding is very high quality and seems like it will last a very long time. Its very easy and quick to adjust the angle of the bench.

    5 out of 5
  19. The price may be high relatively speaking, but the build quality is up there what you find at the gym coupled with varying degrees of adjustments. I utilize the DIP BAR, CHIN UP BAR and the CRUNCH SIT UP attachment all of which fit neatly and securely into the bench. By coupling this with a set good dumbells your set. There have been some complaints about the feet/stance not being wide enough… while I would agree a wider stance/footprint would be nice, I feel the perch is more than adequate and the discipline of balance should be followed when using any form of free weights. NOTE, the quality of the attachments made for this bench are first class and offer great options in your workout.

    5 out of 5
  20. This bench is heavy duty and adjustable to 11 different angles and is very easy to assemble. Other benches usually have less angles to choose from. There are several optional attachments like the Crunch Sit-up, Dip Bar Handles and Chin Up Bar that you can also purchase for this bench that makes it even more flexible. The bench has a heavy-duty pads made of stitched vinyl upholstery which is very comfortable and has a 1000 lb rated strong steel frame. (600 lb rated for incline/upright positions. This bench is commercial quality and built to last and has a ten-year warranty.

    5 out of 5
  21. Definitely my favorite bench. Having owned several £200 plus benches, this is clearly my favourite. I would purchase it again without hesitation. I’ve used it for 6 months. The plus side is the stability of the bench itself (not counting attachments). It’s solid and easy to move around if need be. This is made considerably easier by the optional wheel attachment. Changing bench angle could not be easier and once set, it is solid. No wobble. No slop. Angle can be changed in 1-3 seconds. Two things to note (has been mentioned by other reviewers). The seat is very easy to attach and detach — great design. It sits rather low though. I’m only 5′ 10″ and even I find it low (even at it’s highest setting). The low seat positions are a function of the pivot design. It’s a small issue that I don’t consider a problem per se, but potential buyers should be aware of it. ALso the bench is not very wide. That’s both a plus and perhaps a minus. The plus is that you’ll not feel any hindrance of shoulder or back movement when in the incline or flat position. The negative is that you do actually have to use some stabilizing muscle effort to stay properly aligned on the bench especially if using dumbbells as I do. I actually don’t consider the narrow bench a problem, but again buyers should be aware of it. The covering and padding seem to be high quality and are certainly adequate for my needs.

    5 out of 5
  22. Best Bench I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned many. The design, construction and attention to detail are outstanding. I’ve owned other benches by famous makers that were certainly adequate but this one is head and shoulders above the rest.

    5 out of 5
  23. Set-up: Set-up is simple with just the installation of four bolts at the support legs. Also, the unit is packed using heavy nylon zip ties (cable ties) so a pair of sharp scissors or utility knife will help. You will spend more time unpacking and discarding the cardboard than actually putting the unit together. Quality: I wanted a bench that was near gym quality, durability, with more functionality. So before this purchase I examined the adjustable benches at the gym for sturdiness and metal gauge thickness. I found that the Ironmaster bench met these requirements at least on paper, so I purchased the bench and I am not disappointed. The ab attachment provides the additionally functionality that I was looking for. What I like about the bench is the multiple adjustments that the bench provides with an easy to use spring loaded lever. The adjustable seat works well for me as I have a 6 foot 3 inch frame. This is a near commercial quality bench at a reasonable price and I would purchase again.

    5 out of 5
  24. King of the home benches.Versatile, heavy duty, best designed, awesome quality, game changer and stable. I came from a bowflex 3.1 bench which is excellent in its own right but Let me tell you this is the best bench I’ve ever owned and I am proud of my investment. The quality rivals the ones at the gym. You can tell a lot of time and thought was put into the design and is a true game changer in home benches. It is a bit higher (20 inches high) than other traditional benches which might be an issue for shorter people because of leg straddle. I do not find this an issue (Keep in mind that I’m 5’10 and 155 lbs.) Bench: This bench is soo versatile and can be set to many angles. It is the best (in my opinion)designed,stable, Heavy duty but light, compact, and good looking bench.The build quality is truly awesome. The foam is very comfortable yet firm. I benched 225(my max at home) and I must say it being more narrow than other home benches really helps getting a full range of motion. It is effortless to change the angles of the bench and is the easier than traditional FID benches. Attachments: I was skeptical about the attachments which came with the ab, dip, pull up and leg developer attachments Most attachments that come with benches are mediocre at best. But damn I was impressed with the stability, quality ease of use, and functionality. The ab attachment is so damn awesome and works well with the different angles of the bench. The dip bar is very stable with excellent adjustable height. And OMG the pull up bar. I already have a powertower to do dips and pullups which works great but I was soo impressed with the stability and how heavy duty of the pull up bar (might be shakey for heavier people). It actually has a higher height setting than my powertower. I must say it puts my powertower to shame in stability and quality. I still cant believe how well the pull up bar works with the bench. I have both the powerblock and Ironmaster dumbbells. With this bench added I have an awesome home gym and this bench is my favorite piece. Ironmaster makes awesome products and I advise if your looking for a bench to fit all your home gym needs look no further.This bench will do it all with the best execution of any bench or one station home gym. I absolutely love this bench and I am proud of my investment.

    5 out of 5
  25. I knew of the Ironmaster bench from when I had researched adjustable dumbbells and had narrowed it down to the Powerblocks or the Ironmasters, but that’s a different review;) I finally narrowed it down to the Bowflex 5.1 bench and the IM Super Bench. The Bowflex had price going for it, while the SB had quality and expandability in its favour. The Bowflex has decline settings of 10 and 17 degrees while the SB has decline settings of, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85! You can do some serious ab work there. Also, since the incline settings are the same as the decline you can invert the dip bar and use the handles and do leg lifts. So enough about the comparison to the Bowflex. Here are things I like about the SB: 1) Sturdy. Rated to 1000 lbs. Feels super solid; very professional. Note: there was a tiny wobble when I first received it but once I tightened it up a bit with a socket it’s been perfect. 2) Speed. The attachments come on and off super quick–10 seconds–and the seat in about 5 seconds. 3) Expandability. Even with just the situp attachment and the dip bar I can get a decent workout. I’ll probably get the chin up bar next, and eventually the leg-curl and the hyper-core attachment, oh, and the spotting attachment looks pretty cool, as well. As you can see, this thing is not just a bench but has the potential to be a kick-butt workout station all on its own. I also like the fact it came almost pre-assembled. Not a big deal but nice. Of course, the thing is wrapped up so well it took me awhile to unwrap it! Overall, I am so happy I chose this over the Bowflex. While the SB costs more, it’s of such high quality that once you get to use it you will never be sorry that you paid more for it.

    5 out of 5
  26. This bench is very solidly assembled and should last me for years. An incredible bargain. It comes fully assembled except for the feet. I received the item within 24 hours of placing my order. However, the bench does not decline despite what the add says. You have to purchase the crunch attachment so that you can use the bench as a slant board. This is very irritating as the decline was one of the motivating factors for my deciding to purchase this particular bench. I was going to buy the attachment anyway, but now I have no choice.

    5 out of 5
  27. so the bench is awesome. more awesome than i thought or expected and i thought it’d be good. i’ve been working out over a decade and a half and played DI athletics and find this to be an awesome bench. i can do any exercise at whatever angle i want. i slightly decline my dumbbell press and flys, i can go upside down (literally) and do triceps like i’m doing tricep pulldowns (but in reverse since w/ dumbbells), i can do hanging abs off the pullup bar and then go exact opposite and do upside down situps (that otherwise would require gravity boots), i can put it at an incline and standup and lean against it and do two arm rows to get the back (like i was doing a cable row), and anything else you’d normally think of or just want to tweak a little to get right in your exercise. plus i can do it quick and don’t have some guy (or gal) waiting to use the bench. and even more awesome i can just do 30mns whenever i want and if i’m tired quit which allows me to be more consistent as opposed to all the effort it required to get ready, go to the gym, use my locker, and reverse all that when i was done which would probably be 30mns just to do that and i’d feel like i had to keep going even if i was tired. it’s much better to do small lifting consistently (and you’ll dread it less / actually enjoy it if you have the time) than long lifting sessions inconsistently. so the bench is awesome (it does require a wrench as another reviewer mentioned to assemble), i store it in the flat position and put it upright in my closet and it goes in just fine

    5 out of 5
  28. This review is for ppl like me who have no choice but to work out at home because A)You’re home watching the kids so it’s better than just sitting on your … B)You either don’t want to pay for a gym or don’t even want to COMMUTE to a gym given the time commitment and petrol prices. C) You need to get in shape because your kids demand that you carry them on your shoulders etc. The Bench is very heavy duty compared to my previous bench. Twice the padding at least so it’s comfortable. Easy to assemble without instructions. Even though I was skeptical and lowered my expectations I was surprised at how stable the pull up bar attachment was. Of course it is for pull ups but great for stretching. I found it more stable then doing say the situp at a vertical angle. In fact I had trouble getting myself “up there” to get into position for the crunches and I am 6ft. I was more afraid of this tipping over during the mount because of the uneven weight distribution. Once you’re on it with both legs secure then there is no stability issue. Also once you’re done doing your crunches but before dismounting you will get an inversion table effect in the rest position. The removable seat should lock into place if you ask me but the likelyhood of you moving your entire body horizontally to slip the seat out by accident is slim and no one would do that on purpose. I think the reasoning was being able to switch the bench positions/angles for other exercises and not make it too time consuming. Now the cons: the seat is rather high of the floor. If you have young kids like me you need to think about safety – basically I had to move this bench to an area where they have no access as my 2 yr old already tried to go through the half circle. I wish the cross bars on the base were wider so I can be more confident with the crunches and pull ups. Overall you will be happy with this bench and attachments.

    4 out of 5
  29. I looked long and hard for the ‘perfect’ bench before I came across the iron master Super Bench from Valley Fitness. I have had my Iron Master Super Bench for 6 months and have been using it 5 times a week it is VERY versatile, easily as stable as one you would get in a fitness club, I would actually say MORE STURDY than at my old gym. It can go lots of degrees of incline (including 30d and 45d) and can also go decline or of course up right. It is also very fast and easy to adjust it. This is the BEST PACKAGED stuff I have ever ordered online. I had cause to contact Valley fitness for one minor faulty part and their service was frankly fantastic, honestly their service is 2nd to none! If you are considering this or one of the competitor benches (such as the power blocks sport bench) then this Iron Master Super Bench wins hands down on so many factors including shear range of attachments, and massive number of angles you can use it at as well as how sturdy it is!

    5 out of 5
  30. I bought the bench and dumbbells in April 2012 after getting sick of my local gym. The bench is fantastic, really well made and amazing robust. I was worried that it may not be of the highest quality but everything about the bench is great. The padding is thick, the leather is of a high quality and well stitched, the movement is smooth and easy. The various angles are great for different workouts; I also bought the crunch attachment and dip bar which are great additions. Overall this is a great bench and well worth the money.

    5 out of 5
  31. Trained in gyms for twenty plus years and was worried about making the switch to training home in my garage as most home gym equipment seems flimsy. Not this bench though, absolutely fantastic! Totally solid in every position even with my 17 stone plus barbell, weights etc. In terms of adjustability, rigidity and build quality I would say its the best adjustable bench I have ever used. Well worth the money.

    5 out of 5
  32. 20 inc height from the ground worked out perfect didn’t have to stretch on tip toes when flat on the bench. Basically i love this bench no gaps between seat and back rest , no bending down to adjust angles just step on lever and adjust. .Didn’t feel to low to the ground when bench was 180 degress for press movements. The build quality on the super bench is also fantastic really good solid feel to it as well it looks great. I have went thru a lot of benches in my time the ironmaster super bench i got yesterday and is my favourite without question. The icing on the cake was dealing with James at valley fitness, excellent service and speedy delivery def one of the best companies i’ve dealt with. Bottom line if u are looking for a quality bench the ironmaster super bench is that bench and valley fitness is the place to buy it from , Extremely Happy Customer here.

    5 out of 5
  33. I’m using the Ironmaster Superbench for more than a month now. I’m glad I can say that it fits me perfectly. I can do a great variaty of exercises to train all the musclegroups. The tree attachements (dip, chin and crunch) that I bought along are easy and fun to use. I rather work with my own weight than to use an all-in-one machine with different possiblility because of the restrictions on that. Recently is added up some exercises to my schedule with elastic bands around the attachments. For example, using the crunch attachement with bands around on a flat bench give me the possibility to do a back exercise. My main goal isn’t bulking and getting huge muscles. I rather go for strength and getting in good shape. Something I can really use in my new hobby I started a few months ago, Tae Kwon Do. There was one thing I had difficulty with and that was bench pressing. I couldn’t press heavy weights because I had no rack. This weekend I bought a secondhand pressbench with rack. The guy also sold me all of his weights, dumbbells, bars and rack to place them. So I made a good deal! Now I have a semi-professional home fitness in my attic. Thanks again for the bringing the Ironmaster series to Europe.

    5 out of 5
  34. What can i say, where do I start. I deliberated for a while about spending as much on a bench, but all the reviews I was reading were so compelling I just thought, ‘why not?’ I do not regret it! This has to be the best bench you can buy, bar none! As solid, if not more solid, than any commercial bench I have used. Adjusting it between all its different angles is extremely easy. The service from James at Valley Fitness was first rate too. He kept me up to date with the delivery and they also accomodated my work schedule to ensure the bench didnt arrive at a time when i wasnt around to accept delivery. I will be purchashing the preacher curl attachment at some point but the next main purchase for me will be the quicklock dumbells. if they are half as good quality as the SuperBench then they will be awesome.

    5 out of 5
  35. Out of all the gyms i’ve been to and benches that i’ve used, none of them compare to the Ironmaster Super Bench. It’s build quality is simply amazing. It’s functionality and versatility is unsurpassed, especially within the home gym market. The icing on the cake is the superb customer service. They really treat you like you’re their number one customer and try to accommodate your every need. I will definitely be trying to complete my Ironmaster set, so to speak.

    5 out of 5
  36. Awesome – just awesome! Great Christmas present from the wife as we’d just cancelled our gym memberships to save a few pennies. This bench is going to help in my 2012 mission to reach the fittest condition I have ever been in by July. It’s solid, comfy and so well engineered. Looking forward to adding a few more attachments when my birthday comes around in Feb. Buy one… you won’t regret it!

    5 out of 5
  37. I bought the bench at the start of the year and it has only been the last few months the bench has been used.. Saying that I am very pleased I spent my money on the bench and attachments rather than spending £50/month on gym fees. The bench is very sturdy and comfortable. The attachments such as the dip bar, chin up bar, sit up/decline leg supports are also very well made and comfortable to use. My only grimes (and they are very minimal) is the height of the bench, and at times whilst conducting decline dumbell press the bench can shake some what – but it works out the stabilisers… I have worked in gyms and been in the gym environment for 10 years plus now and after weeks, if not months of research and trying out other brands, searching the net for reviews and youtube posts I can say that I am very pleased with the product and would recommend it to everyone!

    5 out of 5
  38. The superbench is easy to adjust and is very comfortable.

    5 out of 5
  39. The bench is very sturdy. It is well made and comfortable. Easy to adjust as well, in fact it is far better than any other gym bench I have used. The seat is great too as it is angled so you don’t slip off when on an incline! Someone has really thought about the functionality and detail of this kit and it really does show. OK, it is not cheap but I believe it is worth every penny as I am going to get YEARS of decent weight training out of it!

    5 out of 5
  40. I bought this kit after weeks of deliberating & online navigating for the most heavy duty home suitable kit with a commercial grade quality, after a short time deliberating I decided to buy this Super Bench along with the IM2000 Self spotting kit and dumbbells, not only was it hassle free to buy from valley fitness but the staff are so friendly they feel more like your friends than customer service reps. – The kit arrived 24 hours after I ordered it; super-fast and most efficient delivery I’ve ever had for something of this size and magnitude not to mention the majority was carried to the location specified by me. It was effortless to assemble the bench as it’s pretty much done for you. – If you’re going to buy a bench and you want it to be durable, high quality, and lifelong lasting then buy this super bench and I’m entirely 100% certain you will not regret your purchase. Overall exceptional value for money, certainly lifelong lasting equipment, I will be buying all of this kit from Ironmaster, and needless to say I have quite a lot of it already.- I purposely built a gym to house my ironmaster equipment, and as much as were not supposed to train every day I cannot keep out of there with such fantastic equipment to train those muscles with. A big thank you to valley fitness. Fantastic commerical grade bench 5 stars Happy training!

    5 out of 5
  41. I don’t usually leave feedback reviews, but I just had to on this one. What an excellent piece of kit, a quality bench which is rock solid, the quality and options for the attachments are fantastic. If anyone is having any doubts or can’t make up their mind which bend to buy, then I can absolutely recommend this super bench, the best buy I have purchased in a long time.

    5 out of 5
  42. Top quality bench that is very versatile. Well padded, very stable, no creaking or lateral wobble associated with poor quality cheap benches. Lots of quality add-ons available. Degree of incline easily and quickly adjustable. Would also like to add I received a very good customer service from Valley Fitness and recommend it to anyone interested in building a quality home gym.

    5 out of 5
  43. Overall a great bench but could be better, some minor improvements could turn this into a perfect bench. Im 5’7″ and cannot reach floor whilst benching so need blocks. The attachable seat flexes a touch. Although the seat is adequate it would be great if they had options, it only slides in so Im sure they could make alternatives. when angled a saddle type seat would prevent thighs from digging in. When upright and doing heavy presses a larger seat would be more comfortable. Great bench, just some small niggles

    5 out of 5
  44. I am a personal trainer and am delighted to finally see a decent solution to home training in your Super bench. I am often asked about equipment for clients that don’t want to spend thousands on kitting out a home gym but want something superior to the crap you can buy in Argos and the like. I love the simplicity of the Super bench and also the fact that there is the possibility of doing pull-ups with the attachment, as you may be aware your back is quite hard to train without heavy dumbbells for the majority of strong males and so the ability to do pull ups will hugely bolster a home programme.

    5 out of 5
  45. The equipment is good and my son is very satisfied with the service that you provided.

    5 out of 5
  46. I recently took delivery of a Super Bench from you & am utterly delighted with it. I am now seriously contemplating placing an order for an IM2000. I’ve only had a chance to play with it a couple of times – I’m on holiday now in Devon for two weeks, but absolutely delighted so far. Thanks again for your assistance, will keep in touch.

    5 out of 5
  47. brilliant bench – excellent in all departments.

    5 out of 5
  48. I am very satisfied.

    5 out of 5
  49. The Super Bench assembles quickly and easily. The bench is well padded, comfortable, sturdy and easily adjustable to any of it’s 11 angles, which all feel nice and safe. It is compact and may seem a bit narrow to some but I’m 6’2″ and 19 Stone and have no problems using it at all. The service I received from Valley Fitness was fantastic. You communicated well, delivered on time and I will definitely be looking to you for the rest of the add-on’s for the Super Bench later in the year. Time to find some more exercises with this kit there’s so many choices and options…

    5 out of 5
  50. For several weeks I researched home benches and the more I looked the more it became clear the Superbench ticked all the boxes. A very high weight capacity, extremely positive reviews and has all the optional extras making it one of the most versatile home benches money can buy. I discussed the bench in great detail with a chap at Ironmaster in the US and he sent me the details of, the UK distributor. A week or so later I finally received the extremely well packaged bench along with the leg curl attachment. They were both of a reassuringly high quality and having used both several times now I’m sure I made the right decision. I could’ve spent less on an inferior product but considering the quality of the Superbench I’d say it was a bargain, and it’s all the bench you could ever need. To summarise then: it’s well made, versatile, built to last, easy to use, good value and comes with a 10 year warranty! What more could you ask for?”

    5 out of 5
  51. A fantastic sturdy bench that is so versatile. I will be purchasing most of the accessories for this bench once they become available again.

    Customer service from Ironmaster was simply outstanding, particularly with all that’s happening in 2020. I ordered the Super Bench and leg attachment on Tuesday 30th July, expecting it to be dispatched late July, but it actually arrived just over 2 days later! Very easy to assemble – the bench took longer to unpackage than it did to bolt and screw together.

    5 out of 5
  52. I did a lot of research before buying the super bench. I was almost put off by comments regarding its height in the flat position for bench pressing. It is a little high, but this is easily fixed by putting either a couple of weight plates or calf block in front of the bench to plant your feet. For everything else the bench is absolutely perfect and a very high quality piece of equipment. Don’t be put off by it’s height, I’ve also seen reviews where users have just put a couple of yoga blocks at the front of the bench, these can be picked up for around £10.

    5 out of 5
  53. The bench is very sturdy. It looks really sleek and modern. The pivotal design and functionality is not something I was expecting, it’s just so well made. Really quality engineering and design. This bench is higher than the pro version but I find it just right for bench pressing, I’m 5ft9. The legs fit just inside a standard bar with weights on when pushed up against the wall which makes it great for looking tidy and saving space.

    5 out of 5
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