Roller Covers – Crunch

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  • Protects your pads from excessive wear and tear.
  • Easy and hassle free to install the vinyl covers.
  • Simple to wipe clean.

Although your Ironmaster equipment is built to last, it isn’t immune to the wear and tear of decades of training.

We’ve solved the problem by designing these cost-effective, easy to use covers for your hardest working kit.

These roller covers are designed to fit your crunch attachment. Made from heavy duty vinyl, they are much better than the average neoprene rubber pads. Treat your home gym right.!

This upgrade makes your pads last longer and helps give a smooth feel even after years of use. You can even use them to customise the look of your Ironmaster gym equipment.

And they’re wipe clean – ideal if you ever have training partners using your home gym.

Why buy these vinyl covers?

Ironmaster is an industry leader in sports fitness equipment for home gyms. We are constantly thinking of ways to protect your kit and make your home gym last longer. Our equipment is hard wearing equipment; guaranteed to withstand decades of tough work. So, why settle for anything less than the best?

Quality materials

These covers are made from high quality vinyl, so your foam pads will last longer, feel more comfortable and will be easier to clean – (because that’s the worst job of a home gym owner!)

Why would you NOT add these to your Crunch Attachment?

They couldn’t be easier to fit!

We don’t want to make your life difficult, we want to make your life easier; so you have more time for training. So, with these roller covers we kept the design simple, just a slick vinyl cover that slips over the roller pads in no time. Then all you have to do is tie them off with the nylon zip ties. No hassle.

If you are looking to get serious and commit to the gym life, then the Ironmaster Roller Covers for your Crunch Attachment are essential. They will provide you with the comfort you need so that you can focus on increasing your potential and getting the most out of your workout.

Protect the equipment you love

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10 Year Warranty


  • Protects your pads from excessive wear and tear.
  • Easy and hassle free to install the vinyl covers.
  • Simple to wipe clean.


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