Chin Attachment


  • Adjustable 198 cm – 226 cm from floor to ceiling.
  • Now includes neutral grips 46 cm apart.
  • 122 cm wide.
  • Rated to 136 kg.
  • Ergonomic heavy duty neoprene grips.
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IronmasterUK Super Bench Chin up attachment

Chin ups and pull ups are THE upper body compound pulling exercise for building a thicker, wider back and bigger biceps. Forget adding endless new back exercises to your routine, Work hard at the basics like chin ups and pull ups and you’ll build mass and strength.

But you need a chin up or pull up bar you can trust. The Ironmaster Chin Attachment is a must have for lifters who know the value of chin ups and pull ups in a home gym routine. This is a quality, durable attachment for chin ups, made from superb materials using excellent craftsmanship.

Pull ups are used by everyone who’s serious about upper body strength, from the military to competitive strength athletes. You can spot someone who does chin ups a mile off. Chins and pull ups give you that broad back and v-taper look – and a great posture.

More importantly, maintaining strength in your posterior muscles keeps your back strong and healthy during sport and everyday activities, and helps ward off muscle loss as you age. Upper body muscle strength can also help prevent injuries, aches, and pains.

“More stable & higher off the ground than all but the best doorway bars, plus it’s portable, & takes up no additional space, as it’s attached to a (great) bench that I needed anyway.” – Vince V.

Why this Chin Up Attachment?

IronmasterUK Super Bench Chin up attachment demo

Ironmaster, an industry leader in home strength training equipment, is constantly striving to produce the best, hard-wearing equipment, guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Good equipment is something you should only have to purchase once for your home gym. So the question remains – why would you settle for anything less than the best?

Multiple height positions

We want you to get the most from your Super Bench and Chin Up Attachment, so this design has multiple height positions. Rated for 136 kgs, the pull up attachment can be height adjusted from 198cm to 226cm in 5cm increments from the floor.

Easy to attach

The simple pull pin locking system keeps everything securely in place. Just slide the attachment into the spine of the Super Bench and you are ready to go. Our design helps you focus on what’s important – your training session – without worrying about your kit.  This is equipment you can rely on.

Multiple ergonomic rubber grip positions

The heavy duty neoprene rubber grips are 122cm wide and allow a firm grip in varying hand positions, including the neutral grips that are 46cm apart. We know that comfort is vital to your workout. Our ergonomic heavy duty rubber grips guarantee a firm grip when supporting your body weight (or more!)

Value for money

The quality of our design, durability and build means you will never have to purchase a Chin Up Attachment again. This is not just another cheap one for a home bench. This is real quality to give your home gym exactly what it needs.

“While Ironmaster products are not true commercial pieces of equipment, they are a heck of a value for what you pay for them. The chin up attachment is no different.” – Andrew J

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Exercises to try with your Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment

IronmasterUK Infraspinatus

Pull ups

Work on your back width and thickness with classic pull ups.  Adjust the height of the Chin Up Attachment. Hold onto the bar with a medium to wide grip, palms facing away. Pull yourself up using your lats and flexing at the elbow. Your elbows should drive into your sides and your chin should reach the bar without any swinging or jerking movements. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

IronmasterUK Biceps

Chin ups

To focus more on your biceps, switch pull ups for chin ups. Perform the above movement, but with your palms facing towards you. This will work your back, but will shift more of the work into your arms.

IronmasterUK Middle Back

Neutral grip pull ups

This variation works your back and arms, and can be a good option for people yet to master the pull up. Perform the chin up as described above, but have your palms facing together in a neutral grip.

IronmasterUK Abdominals

Leg / knee raises

Work your core using your Chin Up attachment. Start with your back towards the bench, with your arms above your head holding onto the pull up attachment. Bring your knees towards your body (with legs bent or straight). Return to the starting position in a controlled manner and repeat.

“I love my Ironmaster Super Bench and my Chin Up Attachment is currently my most used attachment.” – Andy

We offer you more than just a Chin Up Attachment. This quality kit gives you the ability to push yourself to the limit knowing you have equipment you can trust. We know you want to begin your journey to excellence and we’ll be here for you with quality kit for the perfect training set up.

If you want wide lats and a V-taper that your friends will be jealous of, add the Ironmaster Chin-up Attachment to your home gym today.

It’s time to pull up or shut up.

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18.5 lbs (8.5 kg)


78" (198 cm)


48" (122 cm)

Load Rating

300 lbs (136 kg)


10 Year Warranty


  • Easily attaches to the Super Bench spine with the pull pin.
  • Made of high quality chromed steel with ergonomic heavy duty neoprene grips.
  • Adjustable 78″” to 89″” (198 cm to 226 cm) from floor to ceiling.
  • 122 cm wide.
  • Now includes neutral grips 46 cm apart.
  • Rated to 300 lbs (136 kg).



Chin Up Attachment

13 reviews for Chin Attachment

  1. People have been saying that it’s shaky – Well that’s obvious since the ones we use in the GYM are bolted to the ground so if you want the same effect try bolting your Ironmaster Super bench to the ground. I’m 12 stone and I personally have no problems with it and it’s stable without it being hooked to the floor. People say that the bars are not padded enough – Well who wants a pull up bar for wimps? not even the GYM has padded bars. What I like about this bar is I can do wipers for my abs and I can lift my legs all the way up vertically and more to do other ab workouts with pure stability. Don’t be fooled cause its heavy duty. I even plan on buying some fat gripz to enhance my grip strength while doing pull ups. Overall 1st class quality and strength for the price. Awesome!

    5 out of 5
  2. Great attachment… easy to install and reasonably stable. It has a nice rubbery material on the bar that provides for a comfortable grip without being too spongy.

    5 out of 5
  3. Solid well built attachment. I bought this attachment for my superbench and love it. This attachment for the Super Bench is a great way to work your lats and arms. Do chin ups or pull ups without taking up more space! The bar is adjustable in height from 78 inches to 89 inches to fit most anyone and is rated for 300 lbs. Neoprene grip area and chrome frame tube. Wide grip, narrow grip or neutral grip options. This attachment like all Ironmaster products is solid, well built and will last forever.

    5 out of 5
  4. It meet my needs and was very well built . the chin up attachment is a very well build product, it works great as long as you don’t get to carried away. It will rock the bench a little just use your head and it works fine. I would tell my friends to get this product

    4 out of 5
  5. I have been lifting for 20+ years and have been through home gyms and commercial gyms. I have used virtually EVERY piece of equipment out there. While Ironmaster products are not true commercial pieces of equipment, they are a heck of a value for what you pay for them. The chin up attachment is no different. I am 250lbs and use this with a weighted vest for pull-ups. It has the potential to tip (if you are really poor with your form), but I would have to say this is at least as stable as any “power tower” you would buy, if not more so. Grips could have a tad more diameter to them, but I use “fatgripz” to increase the diameter anyway, so no big deal. Don’t believe the hype that you need a commercial gym to get in shape. The ironmaster bench, coupled with various accessories, and a set of dumbbells, have given me workouts that rival those I have had at top notch Gold’s franchises.

    5 out of 5
  6. My concern when purchasing this attachment was its stability – would it wobble while I was doing pull ups/chin ups? I am 13 stone and am glad to say it is stable. I live in an apartment, so I don’t have room for both a bench and more expensive power tower, but I did want something a bit more robust than the removable/portable door jam bar I had been using. This attachment fits the bill perfectly. In fact, I find the whole line of Ironmaster products (I own the Quicklock Dumbbells,Super Bench,Super Bench situp attachment,Super Bench dip attachment, and this chin up attachment) to be a good solution for someone who wants a versatile, durable, yet compact home gym. My one complaint with the chin up attachment is that it is very tall/long and top heavy so you have to be careful when attaching/removing it from the super bench. I don’t really consider this a design flaw of the attachment, though, it’s just the nature of the item.

    5 out of 5
  7. I purchased the chin-up bar, along with many other attachments for my Superbench. I love not having to purchase a separate machine to do pull-ups. It is height adjustable, so even I can reach it from the floor and I am only 5’3″. I use a step stool and use my legs to help when needed. I’m sure I’ll grow stronger and not need the step stool soon. Also being a short female slightly over 7 stone,I have to be very careful when installing and removing the chin-up attachment. The attachment is very good quality metal, and is top heavy….so installing and removing is a minor workout for me. Update: I now install the attachment while the bench is flat, rather than raised. Installing the attachment is now a breeze.

    5 out of 5
  8. I’ve given away all of my other chin up bars. If you wanted to do kipping chins or swings of any type, you’d need more stability & more lateral clearance, but for straight-up-&-down chins & pulls, this is a great convenience: More stable & higher off the ground than all but the best doorway bars, plus it’s portable, & takes up no additional space, as it’s attached to a (great) bench that I needed anyway.

    5 out of 5
  9. I love my Iron Master Super Bench and my chin up attachment is currently my most used attachment it can be used for so many things! Chip ups (obviously), knee raises (And multiple variations off) and then I can put tubing round it to allow for pull down type movements like you would with a cable machine at a Gym so super versatile! You can vary the height too and it really is very study, I tend to put a dumbbell on the other side of the bench but I don’t think I really need to it is more a dumbs feather than anything. Great kit and great bench I can’t recommend it highly enough and I also had cause to use Valley Fitness after sales and can tell you they are 100% fantastic my issue was resolved to my total satisfaction no quibbles at all, if only all companies had these ethics these guys are awesome!

    5 out of 5
  10. It’s well made and substantial as you’d come to expect from an Ironmaster product. It’s easy to assemble (four screws to attach chin attachment to main bar) but a little bit of challenge attaching it to the bench due to it’s size and awkwardness. The several height settings makes it an attractive product for people of all heights. Now for the downsides, there is a fair bit of movement when in use. Whilst it is secure, when slotted into the the bench the attachment isn’t 100% solid in the slot so there is some wobble. I’m not talking major movement, more of a ‘bounce really, but when you put all your weight on the bar you will feel it! As for the much discussed threat of side to side sway due to the narrowness of the bench legs, I didn’t notice any and I’m not sure why anyone would, this isn’t a bar for kipping after all! Overall, it’s an excellent product and is exactly what you need when space is at a premium but it does lose a star for it’s sturdiness or slight lack there of.

    4 out of 5
  11. I had been experimenting with the ‘hook onto the door frame’ type of home chin bars, but all they did was ruin my plaster work and mark the door frame. I then tried an actual chin bar that attached to the wall. Unfortunately our internal walls proved insufficient to take the load. Being extremely happy with my Superbench I thought I would give Ironmasters Chin Up attachment a go. I am so glad I did. Easy fitment, selectable height, and solid and sturdy when assembled. It takes up to 300lb’s which for most home training individuals is over engineered. Brilliant piece of kit! Can’t recommend it enough. No doubt I will be coming back to Valley Fitness for more additional equipment soon.

    5 out of 5
  12. This is a very good piece of kit. Very sturdy. Easy to fit to the super bench. The handles are comfortable and the grips are nice. It can be a little difficult to get in and out of the bench in a restricted space, but that is not the fault of the equipment. The height adjustment is good as myself and my partner are very different heights but we can both use this with ease! Great piece of kit and it beats having to go out in the garden to use my old chinning bar!

    5 out of 5
  13. I just purchased this chin attachment along witht he hyper core attachment (I’ll review sperately) and it is superb quality as others have stated. There is not much i can add to what has been said. Those mentioning that this is not very stable, I just dont see it !!! At 6’4″ and weighing 240ibs it seems perfectly stable to me. Obviously you are not going to get away with doing kips on it but if you purchased this thinking you would be able to, you are mad.

    Rock solid for me doing traditional pulls and chins.

    5 out of 5
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