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Hyper Core Attachment


  • Perform Hyperextensions and Oblique Crunches.
  • Adjustable foot rests for different user heights.
  • Pads are 112 cm from the floor.
  • Rated to 136 kg.
  • Very stable and comfortable.
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Lower back training should be a key part of your posterior chain work. Training your lower back can benefit your entire body, give you better core control, and even reduce your risk of pain and injury.

The Ironmaster Hypercore Attachment is a must have for your home gym. Whether you are new to training or know gyms like the back of your hand, you’ll love this kit made with superb materials and excellent craftsmanship.

If you already own and love the Ironmaster Super Bench, get ready to see how the Hyper Core Attachment can make it even better.

“This is one of the most effective pieces of home gym equipment I have, and to work the lower back and sides…it’s terrific.” – Martin B.

Why use the Ironmaster Hypercore Attachment?

Ironmaster is an industry leader in home strength training equipment. We are always working to produce the best, hard-wearing equipment, which is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. We believe you should only have to invest in good home gym equipment once. So why would you settle for anything less than the best?

IronmasterUK Hyper Core attachment in use

Easily Adjustable

You can strengthen your entire core with this versatile attachment. The 45 degree hyperextension bench has an easily adjustable foot holder for lifters of different heights and it allows about a 90 degree bend for range of motion. It’s very stable so you won’t be distracted by any wobbling or moving as you train.

Heavy Duty

We know that you value high quality materials in your home gym. The Hypercore Attachment has solid construction and hard wearing pads, so you can hold a weight plate or dumbbell to challenge yourself. It’s rated right up to 300 lbs. High quality materials produce something that will last you a lifetime…just ask our customers.

Easy to store

This back extension attachment is already compact, but we understand that you might want to store it out of the way. You can stand the attachment up to create more space. Perfect if your home gym is in a garage, basement or spare room. Make the most of every inch of training space you’ve got.

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“I’ve owned this attachment for quite a while and although it only comprises a small percentage of the total number of exercises I do, it’s effect and efficiency can’t be replicated with anything else.” – Jonathan B.

Exercise with the Ironmaster Hypercore Attachment

IronmasterUK Lower Back


A great exercise for your lower back. Slot the Hypercore Attachment into the Super Bench set in the flat position and adjust the foot holder so your upper quads lie flat on the pads and you can bend at the waist. Straighten your body and cross your arms in front of you (or hold a weight plate if you want extra resistance). Keep your back flat, and slowly bend forward at the waist until your hamstrings feel stretched and you can no longer keep going without rounding your back.
Return to the starting position slowly and repeat. Make sure your starting position is not past a straight line and do not swing your torso.

IronmasterUK Abdominals

Oblique crunches

Set up the Hypercore Attachment as above. Lie sideways on the attachment with one foot on each foot rest and your arms behind your head. Starting with your body in a straight line, lean sideways towards your hip that sits furthest from the bench. Return to the straight body position and repeat.

IronmasterUK Abdominals

Roman chair sit ups

Work the abs by performing forward facing sit ups on the Hypercore Attachment. Set up the attachment as above, and position yourself facing forward. Complete a sit up with your arms crossed (or holding a weight plate if you want extra resistance). Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

“This takes up very little space without sacrificing quality and functionality. Because of Ironmaster attachments like this it’s no wonder why I’m fully sold on the Ironmaster ecosystem.” – Mark N.

Buy it once, buy it right

The quality of our design, durability and build means you will never have to purchase a hyperextension attachment again. Buy it right the first time, and never have to buy it again. This is what you need in your home gym.

We offer you more than just a Hypercore Attachment. This is the opportunity to push yourself to the limit knowing you can rely on your equipment. We are here for you every step of the way with quality kit for the perfect home gym set up.

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50" (147 cm)


23" (58 cm)


20" (51 cm)

Load Rating

300 lbs (136 kg)


10 Year Warranty


  • Perform Hyperextensions and Oblique Crunches.
  • 45 Degree hyperextension allows 90 degree bend for range of motion.
  • Hold a dumbbell, kettlebell or weightplate for an extra challenge.
  • Adjustable foot rests for different user heights.
  • Pads are 112 cm from the floor.
  • Rated to 300 lbs (136 kg).
  • Very stable and comfortable.


Hyper Core Attachment

14 reviews for Hyper Core Attachment

  1. Use this practically every day. This is one of the most effective pieces of home gym equipment I have, and to work the lower back and sides…it’s terrific. Solid and very stable, I plug it into one of three super benches, swapping it out with the leg lift and dip and chin-up accessories. Really does work you out, and you can easily modify the exercise difficulty by varying how deeply you lean into or retract from your bends. Same with your sides. Also increase that bend depth and reps over time for real gains.

    5 out of 5
  2. Very Solid! As the attachments for the Super Bench are super solid and designed well, this hyper extension attachment is no exception. It is now my favorite attachment. I have a bad lower back I wanted something I can easily attach to exercise my lower back. I do not have the space for a stand alone hyper extension. This takes up very little space without sacrificing quality and functionality. Because of ironmaster attachments like this it’s no wonder why I’m fully sold on the Ironmaster ecosystem.

    5 out of 5
  3. I have just received the hyper core attachment today so thought I would do a review as no one seems to have done one yet which I’m surprised at. I wrecked my back doing deadlifts a few years back and my back has never been the same since. I decided to purchase this attachment to add hyper extensions to try and rehab my lower back and build up slowly. Weighted hyper extensions will replace deadlifts going forward.

    First of all the build quality of this attachment is as you would expect from IronMaster, first class and wants to be for the price. Every piece was in top condition no paint work scratched all the screws were there etc. Putting the attachment together was a breeze and its fits in the bench effortlessly.

    Stability wise, it doesn’t budge I’m 6’4″ and weigh 240ibs and its held my frame perfectly. I was using the attachment for the second last hole so would say this would fit someone up to about 6’8″ without a problem. I belted out 3 sets of 10 hyper extensions as a test and It’s really comfortable to use. The gap between the pads make it really comfortable for a man as your junk goes between the pads rather than getting crushed like on most gym benches I’ve used in the past.

    Over all Im really happy with this purchase and know that this will last a lifetime for me (as the sole user) as with all the attachments and the bench itself. Great work once again!!!

    5 out of 5
  4. I developed a herniated disc a few years back and my doctor recommended that I build up my core muscles as a way to help strengthen my back and reduce future back pain. When I saw that ironmaster finally restocked on this attachment I jumped on it right away. I picked this up from my local UPS store once it arrived and had it assembled within about 30 minutes. This is a high quality piece of equipment and I was immediately impressed by how it was pretty much identical to what I would find at my local gym. It is a little expensive but you get what you pay for.

    5 out of 5
  5. Great accessory for Superbench/Superbench Pro owners. Yet another example of IronMaster’s ability to make a great product for the home gym owner. I would appreciate it however, if they eventually upgrade the padding to the denser version on the hybrid bench & SuperbenchPro for this & the preacher curl attachments.

    5 out of 5
  6. Hyperextensions have always been part of my lower back routine. When working out at home, I had been doing them on an exercise ball, which limited my range of motion. Since COVID hit I have built up my home gym and recently purchased the hyper core attachment for my Superbench PRO. With the PRO, the attachment needs to sit between the first and second notches, but that setup has proven to be completely stable, as advertised. The hyper core also works well with the built-in bench on my older IM950. I have had the hyper core for two months and it’s a fabulous addition! Far superior to the exercise ball. Rock solid. I love it.

    5 out of 5
  7. I was seriously looking at a Glute-ham developer even tho I don’t really have the room for it. But I desperately needed equipment that strengthened hamstrings and glutes because of chronic lower back weakness. Then I saw this and it was the perfect solution and price because I have the SuperPro Bench. However, after just one use I was back on the website to buy the Cable Tower Seat so I can have my bench back. Swapping this attachment out is a tad cumbersome and I also have the Crunch Sit-up Attachment. I like to combine sets of back extensions and core work so having the Hyper be a stand-alone piece will be perfect. Completely immersed in the Ironmaster ecosystem!

    4 out of 5
  8. Perhaps not as versatile as other attachments, but equally incredible! I’ve owned this attachment for quite a while and although it only comprises a small percentage of the total number of exercises I do, it’s effect and efficiency can’t be replicated with anything else. I use it mostly for weighted and unweighted back hyper extensions (hold a plate across your chest, arms criss-crossed), and weighted and unweighted oblique crunches (hold weight at either shoulder or hanging down. Only complaint? It’s a tad cumbersome (necessary) but still incredible! 5 stars!

    5 out of 5
  9. That good stuff
    Great for that lower back and ab workouts. Easy install/removable during workouts. Storing can be challenging (it’s tall) but this thing really works GREAT!

    5 out of 5
  10. Wasn’t sure I’d use it much, but..
    I love this thing! Use it with my Super Bench Pro and have incorporated hyperextensions with weight and side obliques to my core workouts and they feel great on this attachment. Very sturdy and no wobble when you use the tightening screw on the bench. Fantastic addition to my home gym and couldn’t recommend it enough.

    5 out of 5
  11. Hyper Core Attachment is what I needed
    I’ve been building out my home gym for the past few years, and this year I received the Hyper Core Attachment for Christmas. I love Ironmaster products, and this one is no disappointment. It was easy to assemble, and attaching it to my bench is simple after a little practice. In use it is rock solid and it was just what I was missing.

    5 out of 5
  12. Building my home gym
    Thank you for amazing quality products that kept me sane/in-shape during lockdown and allowed me to build a great small gym through this ordeal. I thought I would head back to my gym once the lockdown ended–but alas masks were and are still required, and even better now…I need to “show papers”. No thanks!

    The home gym with multi-functional products like yours is the way to go and Ironmaster is my gym choice. I would recommend to any serious lifter Thank you Ironmaster!!

    5 out of 5
  13. Rock solid addition
    Great attachment. I had a TDS GHD which I really only used for hyper-extensions. It had a large footprint and took up a lot of needed floor space in my home gym. I’m 250lbs and this attachment is extremely solid. I’ve always preferred the 45 degree hypers and this takes up so much less space. Great addition.

    5 out of 5
  14. Awesome
    What a great addition to my current pro bench. The hyper core attachment is literally fitness center quality.

    5 out of 5
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