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Attachment Organiser


  • Holds your Ironmaster attachments and accessories.
  • Can hold many additional cable attachments.
  • Made of high quality steel for durability.
  • 65 cm long, 47 cm wide, 158 cm high.
  • Keeps your gym tidy and safe.
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A tidy home gym doesn’t just look great, it’s safer too. If you’ve built up a decent collection of Ironmaster strength training equipment, or you’re simply pressed for space, you’ll love this organiser for all your attachments.

Tidy things up and create a safe and impressive looking home gym with the Ironmaster Attachment Organiser! It’s a must have if you’ve got more than a couple of attachments in your home gym.

The Ironmaster Attachment Organiser has been thoughtfully designed to hold most of the optional accessories and attachments for the Super Bench and Ironmaster IM2000, plus your selection of cable attachments.

Don’t risk tripping on a stray bit of kit – keep everything neat and tidy on our purpose-built organiser.

“A fantastic product.” – Jason A.

Why the Ironmaster Attachment Organiser?

Ironmaster, an industry leader in home strength training equipment, is constantly striving to produce the best equipment for the job. We think you should only have to buy good home gym equipment once. So don’t settle for anything less than the best.

IronmasterUK attachment organiser full of attachments

There are loads of ways to hang your equipment on this organiser. But, however you choose to use it, it will be stable and durable. Use it for your Ironmaster attachments, your own cable attachments, or even keep your Ironmaster Calf Block inside the frame base.

This attachment organiser is made from high quality steel, so it looks great as it keeps your home gym neat and tidy.

“Awesome! The Ironmaster equipment is top quality.” – Charlie K.

Ironmaster believe no home gym should be held back by lack of space. We specialise in helping you maximise the space you’ve got. Focus on what matters – your next rep – not on your equipment. With the Ironmaster Attachment Organiser you will be able to use all your available with no stress,  no fuss and no frustration. After all isn’t that why you set up your home gym in the first place?

In truth, we’re offering more than just an Organiser for your attachments. We’re giving you the opportunity to train without stress, using all the space you have, and maximising each moment. As you grow your home gym, we’ll be here to support you with purpose-built kit to build the perfect set up.

Keep your gym looking as good as you!

Note: Some miscellaneous items may not fit on the Organiser. The attachments are not locked in place, so please take care if small children are around the kit.

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40 lbs (18 kg)


62.25" (158 cm)


25.75" (65.5 cm)


18.5" (47 cm)


10 Year Warranty


  • Can accommodate most Ironmaster optional attachments and accessories.
  • Can hold many additional cable attachments.
  • Made of high quality steel for durability.
  • 65 cm long, 47 cm wide, 158 cm high.
  • Keeps your gym tidy and safe.


Attachment Organiser

9 reviews for Attachment Organiser

  1. Get this if you have all attachments Having all all Super Bench attachments, my work out space was getting cluttered. Having this organizer there is now a place for every ironmaster attachment I have. If you are looking into the Ironmaster ecosystem, buy this to keep your attachments organized.

    5 out of 5
  2. I originally didn’t want to get this because I thought it looked clunky when loaded up and would take up too much space, but in person, it actually looks fine and has a fairly compact profile. I used to have things somewhat hidden around my place and had to go get them whenever I wanted to use them. Having them all readily available, easy to take off, and easy to put back, has had the unexpected effect of making me use it all far more often than I otherwise would.

    5 out of 5
  3. Before I got my Accessory Tree, I had all my accessories scattered around my garage in every corner. I’m not going to lie, I used to trip over my leg extension and was scared the Pullup attachment would fall from the spot I would put it on. With the tree, You can store everything in the smallest space possible. Just like all the other products Ironmaster makes, they give you the best quality in the smallest foot print. No other way to put it. It’s also great because you can hang things you buy from other companies on it too. I love my organizer!!!

    5 out of 5
  4. Like a piece of art
    This organizer is a must have especially if you own most of Ironmaster‘s attachments or even if you have other lat pulldown attachments it keeps everything together very sturdy and it looks like a piece of art. Love all the products and most of them.

    5 out of 5
  5. Worthwhile
    I hesitated to purchase this at first not realizing how useful it is. After purchasing this it not only allowed me to have a proper place to put my accessories but it actually created a more visually appealing workout space. Like another reviewer noted, the more attachments you have the more this will be worthwhile and for me it definitely has been ????.

    5 out of 5
  6. A must have!
    If you have the typical Iron Master setup this is a must-have. If there is a way to max this thing out I think I have achieved it! It holds so many items especially if you get creative and keeps your home gym looking neat and tidy. It is well made and can be setup in just a few minutes with basic tools.

    5 out of 5
  7. A needed addition
    I purchased the Super Bench Pro, and all of the standalone accessories. I love the bench, and I use the attachments every workout. The Organizer is an absolute must to keep the workout area tidy and safe.

    5 out of 5
  8. Even better than expected!
    We have almost every attachment for the Super Bench Pro, and organizing them on a basic metal shelf was not working, and neither was having them laying all over the floor and tripping over them (we only have so much space for a home gym and wound up with black flooring, so no fault of Ironmaster!). We kept coming back to this sweet organizer, seeing what attachments were shown on the organizer in the picture and making new discoveries every day. Upon ordering it, shipping was quick, item arrived in wonderful packaging, and this organizer was so quick and simple to put together. And it is SOLID. It holds all of our Ironmaster attachments and even a dip belt and some loadable dumbbells! We are so pleased with this. Even though spending this kind of money for something that we can’t work out with was hard to swallow, the convenience of this organizer makes workouts go so smooth. The profile it takes is so minimal for how many items that store on it. Plus, we can’t mount anything onto the wall because we are renting, although even when we own a home again, this is a forever staple in our home gym!

    5 out of 5
  9. Freestanding Organizer
    Holds a ton of hard to store accessories like leg extension/ curl, seat, preacher curl, leg hold, plus’s all my lat bars and handles. Keeps a ton of stuff neatly organized.

    5 out of 5
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