Barbell Attachment


  • Replaces Spotting Stand saddles.
  • Use with Olympic Bars or shorter bars.
  • Two width settings, 120 cm or 61 cm.
  • Pegs height adjustable from 104 cm to 130 cm.
  • Rated to 350 lbs (158 kg).

Ironmaster have created another great invention, this time allowing you to perform Olympic Barbell presses or shorter barbell presses with this adaptor for the Ironmaster Spotting Stand.

In the ever expanding world of home gyms we understand that you will always want to keep up, improving your own physique and training routine.

At Ironmaster we believe nothing should ever hold you back from training hard in your home gym. If you’re short on space, this attachment is no-brainer. Team it up with our Super Bench and Dumbbell Spotting stand and you can add more variety to your workouts, and mass to your body.

Why choose the Barbell Adaptor for the Spotting Stand?

IronmasterUK Barbell Attachment demo

Ironmaster is an industry leader in sports fitness equipment for home gyms. We work hard to produce the best, hard wearing equipment which is guaranteed to hold up under heavy training. So why settle for anything less than the best?

Highly Adjustable

Gone are the days of being limited to fixed heights and standard equipment in a home gym. If it’s not adjustable it’s useless to you. So our Barbell Adapter lets you quickly and easily adjust the height of the bar pegs from 104 cm to 129.5 cm in 5 cm increments using pull pin knobs. As well as two different widths to suit different length bars: 61 cm and 120.5 cm.


This will become a fundamental piece of equipment for any serious home gym. Use the Ironmaster Olympic Barbell, standard barbells or shorter barbells (like the Ironmaster Straight Bar) with this attachment. You’ll be able to do barbell shoulder presses, bench presses, incline presses, decline presses and more.

Heavy Duty

Ironmaster Barbell Adaptor lets you push yourself to the limit knowing that your kit will hold up against your workout. Our Barbell Adaptor is made from high quality steel and built to be robust and durable, and it is rated to 350 lbs (158 kgs.)

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Exercise using the Barbell Adaptor for Spotting Stand

If you want to commit to the heavy lifting life, the Ironmaster Barbell Adaptor will give you the support you need as you push past your previous best.

IronmasterUK Chest

Barbell Press

Train your chest by setting the Super Bench to the desired angle after dropping it into the Spotting Stand yoke. Use a medium width grip that forms a 90 degree angle between the upper arms and the forearms when the barbell is at your chest. Un-rack the bar and hold it directly over you with straight arms. Lower the bar slowly until it touches your lower chest then press the bar back up, focusing on your chest and contracting your pecs. When your set is completed, re-rack the bar.

IronmasterUK Deltoid

Barbell Shoulder Press

Hit your shoulders by positioning the Super Bench in the upright position in the Spotting Stand. Lift the barbell from the stand to your starting position at shoulder height slightly in front of your head and with your palms facing forward. Drive the barbell upward until your arms are fully extended. Pause, then lower the barbell slowly back to the starting position.

Solid equipment is essential if you are serious about your home gym. Location isn’t important. It is what you do with the space inside.

Add a Barbell Adaptor for your Spotting Stand, and unlock the full potential of your home gym.

It’s happy hour at the bar!

Note: Ironmaster Straight Bar will fit with the uprights in the narrow position only. Your Olympic barbell must have at least 122 cm between the inside collars to fit with the uprights in the wide position. Bars shorter than 7 feet will have limited dimensions, so be sure to check.

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26 lbs (12 kg)

Max Frame Height

57" (145 cm)

Max Bar Peg Height

51" (129.5 cm)

Min Bar Peg Height

41" (104 cm)

Width (Wide Setting)

47.5" (120.5 cm) and 42.5" (108 cm) inside

Width (Narrow Setting)

24" (61 cm) and 19" (48 cm) inside

Distance Between Pegs

7" (18 cm)

Load Rating

350 lbs (158 kg)


10 Year Warranty


  • Spotting Stand and Super Bench are requred for use.
  • Not designed to be used for squats and the bench must be in place for stability.
  • Replaces Spotting Stand saddles.
  • Use with Olympic Bars or shorter bars.
  • Two width settings, 47.5″” (120.5 cm) or 24″” (61 cm).
  • Pegs height adjustable from 41″” (104 cm) to 51″” (130 cm).
  • Disctance between pegs: 7″” (18 cm).
  • Rated to 350 lbs (158 kg).



Barbell Attachment


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