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Wheel Kit for Super Bench PRO


  • Make you Super Bench PRO more maneuverable.
  • Only takes seconds to install.
  • Simply bolt it to the foot of your Super Bench PRO.
  • Thick steel plate with two heavy-duty wheels.
  • Made from high quality materials to withstand abuse.

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Add wheels to the other end of your Super Bench PRO

Ironmaster Super Bench PRO with wheel kit

Add another user-friendly upgrade to your Ironmaster Super Bench PRO. with this Wheel Kit! This high-quality kit proves that two pairs of wheels are better than one. Since your model bench already has wheels on one end, why not install another pair of wheels on the opposite end for even better mobility and speed up your workouts? Whether you want to roll your bench from either end or save more time and energy in moving your bench around your gym, this kit is perfect for the job.

The Ironmaster Super Bench PRO already includes wheels on one end, but now you can roll it from either end to help save time and struggle during your workouts!

“Get an extra set of wheels for your Super Bench Pro! It makes it so much easier to go back and forth, especially if you get the bench handles on both sides too. I have a Power Cage and moving the bench in and out is a breeze either way. This make everything that much simpler. Well worth it, especially if you add the handles.” – Aleksandar

Why own the wheel kit?

This kit allows you to roll your SB PRO from either end effortlessly so you can save time and reserve your energy for your workouts.

  •    The kit comes with a thick steel plate with two heavy-duty wheels attached.
  •    This kit gives you the ability to move your SB PRO around your gym with greater ease. No need to go to the opposite side of the wheeled end before you can start rolling!
  •    Simply bolt it to the foot of your Super Bench PRO without the wheels.
  •    This wheel kit only takes seconds to install.
  •    Make sure you remove the washers as shown in the photo due to the thickness of the steel plate.
  •    The wheels won’t move once your SB PRO is positioned on the floor, providing you safe and stable workouts.

Dimensions: Flat plate is 2″ wide x 3/16″ thick x 10.75″ long. Holes are 0.48″ dia and 4.5″ on centers.


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