Hybrid Bench Pad


  • Fits the Ironmaster Super Bench and Super Bench PRO models.
  • Special carbon fiber pattern vinyl material is tough and has a higher grip feel to keep you locked in position even when things get heavy and sweaty.
  • Uses the same hardware as the standard bench pads. Simply unbolt the old pad and put this one on.
  • Dual width bench pad is 44″ long x 10.25″ wide on the top half and 12.25″ wide at the lower half.
  • Cushion is 2.5” thick with high density commercial grade pad and durable stitched vinyl upholstery. Firm and comfortable.
  • The standard incline seat still fits with this wider pad so there is no compromise.

Note: This pad is sold as an accessory. If you want to get this pad for a new Super Bench order, just add it to your order as a separate item. We cannot swap out the original pads.

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Hybrid Dual Width Bench Pad

We have had some requests to offer a bench pad that is wider than our standard. With our dual-width design, in the flat position, you can lie down with your head at the wide end and have a 12.25″ wide pad at your shoulders, or lie the other way and have a 10.25″ width. The reason for the dual width is some lifters prefer to have wider support under the shoulders when bench pressing, but some like having more range of motion. We have used the same width for our pads for generations to give the most versatility for all users and sizes, but this new design goes even further. Some moves like lying dumbbell rows are more difficult with an extra-wide pad and not everyone wants a wider pad all the time so the upper section has our standard width. This hybrid design gives the best of both worlds.

We also used a special higher grip vinyl to help keep you planted on the pad when things get heavy and sweaty. It has a carbon fiber pattern and we think it looks super cool. It is a tough vinyl, not a rubber material, but you can definitely feel the difference in grip. We left off the embroidered logo on this pad with grip performance in mind. The Hybrid pad uses our higher density foam like on the PRO bench.

This is sold as an accessory since not everyone needs this more expensive pad. Simply unbolt your original pad and bolt this one on. Fits the original Super Bench and Super Bench PRO model Ironmaster benches. (We can’t swap out the pads on new bench orders – this is only sold separately) Upgrade your workouts!

Photos show pad installed on Super Bench PRO for demo purposes only. Bench sold separately.


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