Working out in a galaxy far, far away…

Working out in a galaxy far, far away…

Do Jedi even lift?


Over the years multiple movie and TV studios have reached out to buy the best home gym equipment to feature in their productions. We will show you other examples in the future, but this one caught us by surprise after its release. Look where a Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell ended up…in a Star Wars® movie! Can you spot it?



Yes, that’s the World’s Strongest Adjustable Dumbbells in a screenshot from the Millennium Falcon® tour! The full video is below and the above screenshot is from 41 seconds in:



Although Han Solo® isn’t Arnold Pressing the dumbbells in the Solo® film, you can see the same set and the Ironmaster Dumbbells briefly. In our opinion, our dumbbells look like they were made to be there.


One can only imagine Star Wars® characters training with Ironmaster home gym equipment ????



Ironmaster gear will continue to be featured in films and TV as it is built to last, looks great, and the production teams just love the equipment. We have even had a large movie stunt team purchase a substantial quantity of Ironmaster equipment to train with actors and stunt performers before and during the production of a recent blockbuster production.

We will continue to keep you in the loop with any future TV or movies that feature Ironmaster equipment, but if you spot anything before us then please let us know!


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