10 Reasons why a Home Gym is better than a Commercial Gym

10 Reasons why a Home Gym is better than a Commercial Gym

Are you fed up with gym membership fees, and all the other costs that you can never escape right from beginning to end? Going to a commercial gym may seem like the thing to do and the most convenient option if you want to begin a life of heavy lifting. But is it really the best option in the long run?

By creating your own home gym you have the advantage of not having to pay gym costs as well as a whole host of other benefits both in the short and long term.

Take a look at these 10 reasons why making your own home gym will always beat going to a commercial gym.

No extra, surprise costs

Many gyms advertise their costs and fees as being ‘affordable’ and ‘for everyone’. However, the truth is that over time you will end up spending thousands of pounds using equipment – and you don’t even get to keep it.

With all this money, just imagine the home gym that you could create for yourself, filled with Ironmaster products. So save money and get incredible results.

Your home gym is available to you 24/7/365

The reason that most people stop going to the gym is that they have to overcome the battle to get there in the first place. The simple solution, create your own home gym. You will never have to worry about the gym not being open or queuing to use a certain machine.

Your home gym is ready when you are.

No wasted time travelling to and from the gym

Your gym experience should be all about the workout, not travelling back and forth. Even a short drive can take 15 minutes out of your day, which you could be spending pushing yourself to the next level.

Your equipment is all yours

You want to be able to begin your workout and not stop until you are completely done. Everyone gets frustrated when they have to stop.

However, having your own home gym means never having to stop for others to finish their sets again or having to constantly adjust them to fit you each time.

Your machines and equipment will always be ready and set just for you.

Act however you want, minus the embarrassment

Occasionally that last rep needs a little bit of noise to push out. At a commercial gym there may be a few weird looks and laughs however, your personal home gym won’t judge you. Just you alone to go as hard as you want with no judgement.

Your choice of clothing doesn’t really matter

Having your own home gym means there is no dress code. Exercise isn’t about looking a certain way, it’s about the workout, pushing as hard as possible with no limits.

At home you can workout in whatever you want, without having to worry about fitting in or ‘looking the part’.

Listen to or watch whatever you want

No one at the gym really wants to wear headphones, we only do because we feel like we have to.

In your home gym, leave the headphones on the side and forget about them. Turn up the music, fully embrace it and take advantage of the fact that no one else is around.

Make your workout something you can enjoy again.

No more useless piece of equipment that no one understand

Walking into a commercial gym can sometimes be a rather daunting experience for a novice. Five different machine to work the same muscle group, teaching yourself how to use the equipment from small diagrams on the side of it. Who needs the stress?

Eliminate the pressure by purchasing the perfect equipment to suit your home gym and needs. One attachment, one job, one happy user.

Work out even when your kids are in bed

Everyone loves having kids, but sometimes being a parent comes with some sacrifices. Your body can take a back seat when you have kids because you can’t get to the the gym whilst they sleep or if they are playing.

But exercising at home means that you can be around and still get your workout in. No need to pay for a babysitter or for the gym.

Show off your great lifestyle

Working out at home means you always have a gym set up and ready for you without leaving your home.

By being able to commit to the gym life, and bring amazing results in your own home you will be the envy of everyone.

At the beginning, yes, it can be an expensive purchase to create your home gym. However, in the end it will be a worthwhile investment and will save you time and money. Ironmaster’s well-engineered equipment will last you years and with many adjustable components you can create your perfect multi-functional gym.

Home gyms are always available and ready when you are and allows you to work out in the most comfortable and personalised environment available – your own home!

If you want to make a change for life, purchase your personalised set of home gym equipment. Including our world-renowned adjustable dumbbells, adjustable kettlebells and our Super Bench. Our patented technology, strong and durable design make our equipment the safest and a brilliant choice for everyone.