10 Hacks for your Home Gym

10 Hacks for your Home Gym

Achieving your fitness goals and maintaining them can be difficult. However, when you know the best ways to use your gym equipment, set up your home gym and make more effective use of your time it can be much easier. You don’t need an infinite budget or a space the size of a commercial gym. With these gym hacks, the possibilities are endless.

At Ironmaster we believe no home gym should be held back by its equipment. When it is used efficiently you can get the best results. We have hacks for everything from space to bulking…

1. Keep your goals where you can see them

A problem many people make is they don’t write down their goals and after a while the forget what they wanted to achieve the the first place.

So get yourself a cork board or a whiteboard and put it somewhere it can be proudly see in your home gym. You can us progress pictures, aspirations, inspirational quotes and even put your workout schedule on it. This will keep you motivated and soon enough your will be smashing your goals.

2. Going up

Most people gauge the size of their home gym by the floor space. But look up. There is vertical space everywhere, just waiting to be utilised. Using wall mounted shelves for all you gym extras such as: towels, mats and bottles, is the perfect way to use space.

You could even store your Ironmaster equipment up there too with the Ironmaster Wall Organiser!

Ironmaster’s organiser is also a great way to utilise space in your home gym. Just put your attachments on it and you are making use of empty space in seconds.

3. Out of sight, out of mind

Sometimes the smaller pieces of equipment are the hardest to keep tidy, because they don’t really have a place. By using trunks or ottomans you can keep your equipment tucked away in an aesthetically pleasing way.

4. Train Unilaterally

Out growing your weights when you are starting out in inevitable. You may not have the heavy weights you need to push yourself further. So why not train unilaterally?

For example, instead of only doing traditional low bar barbell squats, switch them out for split lunges with a dumbbell to put more weight on one leg at a time. This means you can still train effectively in the time before you can get a heavier set of weights.

5. Try Doubling Up

While single, isolation exercise are beneficial when working on specific muscle groups, sometimes compound exercises allow you to get more from your workout. Squats and pull ups are great compound exercises that everyone should include in their routine.

6. Don’t forget to warm up

While these hacks are great for enticing you to get working out and keep up with it, they are all pretty useless if you injure yourself.

Warm up, cool down, it’s simple.

It is what you learn right from when you are a child and is there to stretch out your body in preparation for your workout. Don’t skip it!

7. Eat well

A healthy, protein-rich snack is indispensable after you have worked out. By doing this in the first 15 minutes after your workout, your body will heal quicker from any minor strains. The protein will also help curb any cravings for fatty, filling foods throughout the day.

8. DIY ice down

Create your own ice packs from stuff you have in your kitchen.

  • Fill a ziplock bag with dish soap and put it in the freezer. The dish soap does not freeze so when you take it out you will have a moldable ice pack.
  • Wet a sponge and put it in a ziplock bag.

9. Keep in the loop

Ironmaster are the fitness fanatics and experts. They love it and want you to just as much. Whenever you need the latest tricks and tips or even just a little motivation then make sure you check back here regularly and join our newsletter.

10. Everything is more than it seems

The Ironmaster Super Bench and Ironmaster Super Bench PRO are both more than just a bench, they are equipment that can be used for everything. With Ironmaster nothing ever has just one purpose and with our wide range of attachments you save money from not needing to purchase stand alone equipment. So buy smart equipment and you will realise the world is your oyster and you have the ability to perform countless exercises at home.

Ironmaster have you covered, any budget, any skill level. There is something for everyone.

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