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IM2000 Ultimate Chin Up


  • Do more than any other chin up station.
  • Fully adjustable width up to 137 cm.
  • Four different grip angles.
  • Knurled 3 cm diameter grips.
  • Rated to a massive 350 lbs (158 kg).
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IronmasterUK IM2000 Chin Up demo man

For a thick wide back and more bicep mass, you need to be doing chin ups and pull ups. But that can be a challenge in a home gym. We can all remember our first chin up bar (and our teenage doorframe that probably still bares the scars!)

Ironmaster’s Ultimate Chin Up Attachment lets you add serious chin and pull ups to your upper body routine, knowing your kit can take the strain.

Why do we call this the Ultimate Chin Up Attachment?

Fit this to your IM2000 and you can sp more than any other chin up station ever let you do. The two multi grip handles are fully adjustable in width and have four different grips.

You can do wide grip angled, wide grip straight bar, close grip, neutral grip, close easy grip and more with the perfect position every time. You can also use them for hanging leg raises, knee raises and other ab exercises.

Being able to do multiple pull ups shows great upper body strength. They help you build mass and shape, giving you that broad back and v-taper that tells everyone that you train.

More importantly, maintaining back strength enables you to do everyday and sports-related activities at an optimal level, helping you ward off muscle loss. Great upper body strength can also help prevent injuries and help you maintain a better posture.

Why the Ultimate Chin Up Attachment?

Ironmaster, an industry leader in home strength training equipment, is constantly striving to produce the best, hard-wearing equipment that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Ironmaster listen to their customer’s suggestions and requests and feed this back into new designs.

Customers have been asking for a chin up attachment for the IM2000 for years. The wait is over – you can now add this fantastic attachment to Ironmasters flagship machine.

IronmasterUK Hip Flexer demo

Massively Adjustable

No other chin up attachment is this adjustable. The grip handles slide on the heavy duty chrome cross bar to provide massive width variation up to 137cm. There are also four different angled grips on each side. With so much variability, you will be able to do more chin ups than in a commercial gym.

Heavy Duty

Our IM2000 Chin Up Attachment is made from high quality chrome steel, built to be robust and durable. It has knurled 3 cm diameter grips and is rated to 159 kgs. This is more than just a chin up attachment. This represents the chance to expand your home gym training workouts and pack on more muscle.

Buy it once, buy it right.

Our design, durability and build quality means this is kit you can rely on for the lifespan of your home gym.

Once you have tried this truly versatile chin up attachment, you will realise how many upper body exercises you can do.

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Exercises to try with your Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment

IronmasterUK Infraspinatus

Pull Ups

Work on back width and thickness with classic pull ups. Adjust the widths of the Ultimate Chin Up Attachment, hold onto the bar, palms facing away and pull yourself up using your lats and flexing at the elbow.
Your elbows should drive into your sides and your chin should reach the bar without any swinging or jerking movements. After, slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

IronmasterUK Biceps

Chin Ups

To focus more on your biceps, switch pull ups for chin ups. Perform the above movement, but with your palms facing towards you. This will work your back, but will shift more of the work into your arms.

IronmasterUK Infraspinatus

Neutral Grip Pull Ups

This variation works your back and arms, and can be a good option for people who are yet to master the pull up. Perform the chin up as described above, but have your palms facing together in a neutral grip.

IronmasterUK Abdominals

Leg / Knee Raises

Work your core using the Ultimate Chin Up Attachment. Start with your back towards the IM2000, with your arms above your head holding onto a grip with each hand. Bring your knees towards your body (with legs bent or straight.) Return to the starting position in a controlled manner and repeat.

At Ironmaster we believe that no home gym should be held back by it’s equipment. Your personal space should be a place where you can focus on the workout. No stress, no fuss, no frustration. After all isn’t that why you chose to train at home?

It is time to move away from cheap and flimsy chin up bars. This solid piece of equipment will see you through chin ups, pull ups and ab work – even with added weight. Get the wide lats and v-taper you have been chasing with the IM2000 Ultimate Chin Up Attachment in your home gym.

We’ll help you pull your own weight!

Note:  The attachment increases the height of your machine to 221 cm and it is recommended that you allow 240 cm for head clearance.

This item is designed for the IM2000 machine but will also fit most older model Ironmaster IM950 and IM1000 units. Please consult with us first if you have an older model to check compatibility.

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34 lbs (15 kg)


Increases IM2000 to 87" (221 cm)

Grip Diameter

1.25" (3.2 cm)

Load Rating

350 lbs (158 kg)


10 Year Warranty


  • Do more than any other chin up station.
  • Fully adjustable width up to 54″” (137 cm).
  • Four different grip angles.
  • Knurled 3 cm diameter grips.
  • Rated to a massive 350 lbs (158 kg).


IM2000 Exercise Playlist


IM2000 Chin Up Attachment

5 reviews for IM2000 Ultimate Chin Up

  1. Highly recommend this if you have an IM2000. Solid and sturdy, offers any angle you can think of, and fully adjustable.

    5 out of 5
  2. Great addition to my IM1000. Easy to attach and does exactly what I hoped it would do. Once again, another solid product.

    5 out of 5
  3. I love my Ultimate chin up attachment. I don’t have to remove it off the machine and it doesn’t add to much height. When I do pullups I make sure that my head goes over the top and I still have a few inches between the ceiling and my head. I like how easy it is to put together and I can see Ironmaster making other types of pullup attachment like globes to hold on to increase strength. I wish the palms facing position would let you have your hands even closer together. I still rate it 5 out of 5 and would definitely recommend if you are buying an IM2000.

    5 out of 5
  4. I feel this is a must with the IM 2000. its awesome to use and is so adjustable. Excellent build and extremely versatile. I love the various hand positions. Works solid on the 2000. You’ll be impressed. You need to own this body building tool!

    5 out of 5
  5. Should be standard!
    This should be standard as it is a must-have item. The build is outstanding, the different grips are perfect and the knurling is aggressive. The only negative is how weak I am with pull-ups LOL!

    5 out of 5
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