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Cable Tower Attachment V2


  • Now works with Super Bench & Super Bench PRO.
  • Use Olympic plates, standard plates or Quick-Lock Dumbbells!
  • Includes both Hi and Low cable stations.
  • Includes 122 cm lat bar and wheels.
  • Compact, heavy duty design – up to 250 lbs (115 kg).
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The Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment has been designed to work with our best-selling Super Bench AND Super Bench PRO to help you get more out of your home gym space without adding lots of bulky bits of kit.  It’s the perfect choice of accessory to make your Super Bench and Super Bench PRO work even harder in your home gym. It simply slots securely into the Super Bench and Super Bench PRO with the pull pin, so you can do lat pulldowns, seated rows, high pulley work, upright rows and a lot more – with just one piece of equipment.

“I just received this and the Super Bench and I am extremely happy. This has opened up dozens of new exercises that I could not do with free weights, or are improved upon by using a cable system. Overall, it is one of the best fitness purchases I have made. Highly recommended!” – Sam B.

One Cable Tower That Does It All

In a commercial gym, you’d need to move around dozens of bits of kit to get this many exercises done. But Ironmaster are experts at designing space-saving kit for home gyms. The Ironmaster Cable Attachment frees up valuable space. You can do at least 9 different exercises on it (you might be able to come up with more!) plus it stores away neatly when not in use. It’s got two wheels on the base so you can just roll it out of the way.

You won’t need to buy any extra weights, either. The Cable Tower works perfectly with Olympic weight plates, standard weight plates, or even your Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells as the weight source. Just one more way Ironmaster can help you save space and cash as you build your home workout space.

This versatile bit of equipment has been carefully designed with space efficiency in mind. The main exercises you’ll be able to do are:

  •    Lat pull downs
  •    Tricep press downs
  •    High pulley curls
  •    High pulley cable pull
  •    High pulley rows
  •    Low pulley rows
  •    Cable curls
  •    Upright rows
  •    Straight arm shoulder raises

A Complete Home Gym Cable System

This is much more than a basic lat pulldown. The system includes as standard: the main frame, upper and lower pulley cables, Olympic Sleeve Adapters (8″ / 20 cm long), Quick-Lock Dumbbell adapter, lat pull hold down pads and a 48″ (122 cm) lat pull bar with swivel and extension chain. It has two wheels on the base so you can roll it around your gym or store it out of the way.

Please note that this cable system is designed to work with Ironmaster Super Bench and Super Bench PRO, so you will need one of those. It connects just like our other attachments with one simple pull pin that takes a couple of seconds to secure in place.

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“I routinely use this attachment to perform more than 20 exercises to work the shoulders, back, arms, legs, and abs. It connects easily to the Super Bench and it can be rolled into a corner when not in use, taking up only about 3 square feet of space. Very strong and durable design.” – Jeremy P.

Heavy Duty

Ironmaster is known for producing commercial gym quality kit for home gyms. The heavy duty cable tower is ready for serious work, and the padded areas are comfortable and hard-wearing. The system can take weights up to 250 lbs (115 kg). That’s what you’d expect to find on commercial cable systems at traditional gyms. But unlike some commercial gym cable systems, the cable path here doesn’t give you any mechanical advantage. Get ready to lift some true weight!

Smooth Movement

When you start adding weight to your lat pulldown and seated row, you need to know that your cable attachment can keep up with you. Somehow, plate loaded always feels better than pin loaded don’t you think? The Ironmaster Cable Tower feels smooth, solid, and reliable as you add serious weight. Some reviewers actually say it feels better than commercial lat pulldowns in major gyms.

Great Value

This isn’t just a lat pull down. It offers you the chance to do seated rows, high cable pull works, curls and much more. Like so many bits of Ironmaster kit, it condenses multiple bits of gym equipment into one to save you money and space.

“Just an excellent must have. I absolutely love this design. Very well made, and takes your home gym to another level. I use it every day, and have had no issues. I use it with the quick lock Dumbbells, and will add plates throughout an exercise to increase difficulty. I absolutely love lats and rows with this thing. If you don’t buy any other accessory for your super bench, I strongly suggest you get this. Especially with space limitations, you can’t beat it.” – Martin B
Ready to expand the scope of your home gym and create a full upper and lower cable workout station?

The Ironmaster Cable Attachment helps you do it all.

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95 lbs (43 kg)


86" (218.5 cm)


22" (56 cm)


19" (48 cm)

Load Rating

250 lbs (113 kg)


10 Year Warranty


  • Includes the main frame, upper and lower pulley cables, Olympic Sleeve Adapters, QLDB adapter, lat pull hold down pads and a 48″ (122 cm) lat pull bar with swivel.
  • Use Olympic plates, standard plates or Quick-Lock Dumbbells!
  • Does NOT require a cable change.
  • Compact, heavy duty design – up to 250 lbs (115 kg).
  • Very small footprint: 19″ (48 cm) x 22″ (56 cm).
  • Rated for heavy duty use at 250 lbs (113 kg).



Cable Tower V2 Attachment

4 reviews for Cable Tower Attachment V2

  1. This is an unbelievable cable tower attachment. I’ve only had it for around two weeks but already i’ve added other bar and rope attachments to it allowing me to perform so many different exercises. It is so sturdy and easy to add/change weights. This is highly recommended to anyone who has the super bench and quick-lock dumbbells.

    5 out of 5
  2. The best home gym bench cable attachment I’ve ever used. Very smooth and silent carriage operation. Resistance is true to load due to position of pulleys. Very sturdily built. Load capacity is on-par with stand alone lat stations if not better. Highly recommended.

    5 out of 5
  3. Ive had my cable tower for about a year now so it’s time for a review, I have to say that the attachment feels as good as any commercial lat pull down I’ve used with the same weight capacity as well as very smooth carriage, dare I say smoother than roller bearings on commercial kit . The only slight niggle is the leg pads adjustment as it takes a little time to adjust, but that’s not a deal breaker, I also think the safety spring could be raised an inch to allow more clearance under heavy loads as its near the limit of compression even with the cable tension nice and tight, all in all still a fantastic purchase and fantastic company and a must for your super bench. Gav from Thame

    5 out of 5
  4. This thing is great. Really puzzled by how well it feels to use considering it’s so so lightweight. I’ve always wanted a lat tower solution for my home gym, which is in an upstairs bedroom, needed something light. This is the solution and I’m so happy with it. Well worth the cost for the manoeuvrability and somehow feels as good as an old school lat pull-down at a gym. Probably because it’s a one to one cable and is the true weight of the stack you have loaded, unlike the other ones on sale with two to one, which in my opinion is rubbish in comparison to one to one. Clever engineering, its been kept simple and works much better than your expecting.
    Great tower, great company to do business with aswell.
    Comes double boxed and really well packaged.

    5 out of 5
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