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IM2000 Pec Dec


  • The Pec Dec is back by popular demand!.
  • Super quick to set up.
  • Target your chest.
  • Rated to 350lbs.
  • Only requires an extra 35cms behind the IM2000.

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The Pec Dec is back again for our best-selling IM2000 so you can blast your chest with isolated movement you simply can’t acheive with dumbbells or bench presses.

The system capacity is rated at 350lbs

To use the Pec Dec, you will need to have 24″ of clearance behind the machine from the spine tube to the wall. (Pull the base of the machine 14″ away from the wall.)

Includes a new J hook cable so you can route the cable backwards for Pec Dec use or forwards for normal lat pull down use.

Only fits the IM2000 model.

Load Rating

350 lbs (158 kg)


10 Year Warranty


  • Safely test your strength with a barbell.
  • Super quick to install and remove.
  • 35 cm in length.
  • Conservatively rated to 500 lbs (225 kg).
  • Attach to IM2000 slide rails at any height.


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