Dumbbell to Barbell Adapters


  • Use dumbbells with you Olympic barbell
  • Each adapter is rated to 82.5kg.
  • Fits 1inch to 1.25inch max diameter handles.
  • Each adapter weighs 10lbs / 4.5kg.
  • Sold as a pair.

In stock

Use the weight of your own dumbbells on your Olympic Bar.

Pair with adjustable dumbbells like our Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells and add up to 165kg. Whether you only have dumbbells or are running out of Olympic plates on lifts our dumbbell to barbell adapter is your best solution. Designed to perfectly fit Ironmaster handles, these heavy-duty adapters also includes a fitting kit, so you can use standard and smaller diameter size DB handles. Add a bit of variety to your barbell, traps bar, landmine exercises; plus, you’ll save money on the weights you need as well.

  •    Included are 1 pair (2) adapters of high-quality steel, 1 pair (2) chromed fastening screws, and a fitting kit with additional rubber to size down for smaller DB handles.
  •    Each adapter is rated to 82.5kg.
  •    Each adapter weighs 10lbs / 4.5kg.
  •    Dumbbell clamp is 4.5inch / 11.4cm long.
  •    Sleeve length is 7inch / 17.8cm.
  •    Sized to fit 1.25inch / 3.17cm max diameter max handles and adapts down to 1inch / 2.54cm if needed.
  •    This adapter is not intended to be used as a kettlebell.
  •    Sold as a pair.

Easy to use

Just center the unit on your dumbbell handle, and securely tighten using our chromed screws. Slide onto your Olympic bar and you’re ready to lift.


The Dumbbell to Barbell Adapters are ideal for home gyms as they take up little space, but enable the opportunity to rely solely on dumbbells as a weight source, if you desire. By utilising our Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbellsystem you are able to lift up to 360 lbs without needing Olympic plates nor a rack of dumbbells.

Increase Hypertrophy

Due to the free-weight location being off-center from the Olympic Bar, increased recruitment of stabilizer muscles naturally leads to a more challenging lift through the entire range of motion: greater effort equals greater gains.


Remember to lift safe. Minimal swinging may occur. One benefit of these adapters is the abiltily to swing; always be aware of your surroundings and your limits. When executing a lift that inherently has more dynamic movement like a Landmine Pendulum Press, lift with care and intention, anticipate and stay in control of the additional force and inertia your are generating. Always start using lighter weight when using a new piece of equipment. Warm up to your working weight and start building Strength For Life.


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