Knee Wraps


  • Improves knee stability
  • Durable and comfortable support.
  • One size fits most.
  • Secure velcro to maintain tight wrap.
  • Sold in pairs.

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Our Knee Wraps help push yourself to greater limits in your home gym.

Increase the challenge of exercises like Squats and Leg Presses. With our new Knee Wraps you can progressively add weight to exercises with the support and confidence you need.

  •    Sold in pairs
  •    Improves knee stability
  •    Tough, durable, and comforatable with a little stretch
  •    Velcro closure to ensure and maintain a tight wrap
  •    Color: Black; Ironmaster Logo: White
  •    6ft / 1.8m long
  •    Adjustable, one size fits most


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