PRO Stand For Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells


  • Holds all Quick-Lock Dumbbells, 2 Kettlebells and more.
  • Compact dimensions: 38 cm x 53 cm x 61cm tall.
  • Keeps your gym tidy.
  • Easy to construct.
  • Built to last.

Available on pre-order, stock arrives in UK end of June

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PRO Stand for Quick-Lock Dumbbells (stand only)
Our new super heavy-duty Ironmaster dumbbell stand is the ultimate option for your Quick-Lock Dumbbells. Big enough to accommodate our heaviest dumbbells and easily store all your locking screws, plates, kettlebells, etc. Features dedicated locking screw storage positions, locking caster wheels, and adjustable height. The large wheels make it easy to move around your gym and get your weights right where you need them.

Heavy-duty and efficient

The world’s strongest, and most expansive, adjustable dumbbells deserve an equally impressive storage stand. This belief, plus so much iron, is what led us to create the PRO Stand for Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells. Purpose-built to accommodate space for our large range of weight plate add-ons, and to maximize ergonomics for the fastest weight changes possible.

  1. Maximum efficiency. This stand is capable of supporting a pair of Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbells at their full 180 lbs capacity, with Heavy Handle Plate kit installed, a total of 360 lbs.
  2. Optimized for speed. Through intentional design, the PRO Stand allows you to adjust the weight of your dumbbells; just 20 seconds to add even 30 lbs to each QLDB.
  3. Customized for you: Choose from 3 height options to ensure your best ergonomics when going heavy.
  4. Built to last: Our stand uses only the most sturdy materials for its screws, nuts, surfaces all the way down to its industrial rolling casters.
  5. Safe space for your dumbbells. The top surface and storage shelf are furnished with rubber covering to keep your dumbbells, and weight plates in place. Screw storage inserts are protected by super durable nylon rings, for smooth scratch-free transitions.

Spacious and organized storage

  1. Multi-storage stand. Our dumbbell storage stand is designed to hold all of our Quick-Lock add-on kits and hardware, plus room to space. The top surface can hold two 180 lb Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbells placed lengthwise, and three stacks of Quick-Lock plates, while the storage shelf can accommodate your dumbbell plates,  add-on weight kitslocking screws, or even a Quick-Lock kettlebell handle.
  2. Locking Screw Storage. Our angled storage for your locking screws will enable you to change weights quicker by placing them in easy reach.
  3. All in one place. Put your QLDB handles, weight plates, and locking screws all together on this stand when not in use, so you don’t have to waste time looking for any missing part prior to your workout.

User-friendly and classy with a compact footprint

  1. Adjustable height. This dumbbell storage stand features removable steel leg extensions to customize to your optimal lifting position.
  2. Lock it in. 2 of the 4 heavy duty caster wheels have a foot-operated lever to easily unlock and lock the stand in place.
  3. Roll out. The firm rubber caster wheels rolls easily and quietly on both carpet and gym flooring.
  4. Space-saving. This dumbbell stand is big enough to handle a lot, but still compact to fit in any gym space.
  5. Classic grey color. This stand comes in a classy dark grey metallic grey color that will match any home gym aesthetic or design.

78 lbs / 35.4 kg


26" (66cm) / 27" (68.6cm) / 28" (71.1cm)


24" (60.9cm)


24" (61 cm)


10 Year Warranty


  • This is the Stand that is included with the 75 lb Quick-Lock Dumbbell Set.
  • Dimensions: 24″ (61 cm) x 24″ (61 cm) x 26″ (66 cm) / 27″ (68 cm) / 28″ (71 cm) tall.
  • Shelf Clearance of 20″ (50.8 cm).


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