Home Gym Motivation

Home Gym Motivation

Ironmaster’s “Home Gym Motivation” Video Competition

Step into the spotlight with Ironmaster’s exclusive challenge designed for fitness enthusiasts and home gym aficionados alike. We’re not just seeking personal stories; we’re on a mission to curate a collection of adjustable dumbbells workouts, strength training inspirations, and powerful narratives that can inspire and motivate others on their fitness journey.

Ironmaster, a trusted name in home gym equipment, invites you to dive deep into your passion and craft a video titled “MOTIVATION.” This isn’t merely about showcasing workouts; it’s about capturing the essence, the drive, the very core of what propels you forward in your fitness journey. And in doing so, providing that spark for someone else. Your experiences, combined with the versatility of Ironmaster equipment, might be the nudge someone requires to start or persevere in their fitness path.

Your video, be it a rigorous adjustable dumbbell session or a tale of newfound strength training inspiration, could be the motivation another seeks. With Ironmaster as their ally, they’re set for success.

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Prize Breakdown

Visit the section below to vote for your favourite video up to midnight on 29th October 2023.

Make sure you watch them all by clicking each image and then click the text to the right of your favourite to cast your vote.

Only one vote per household and we will be checking IP addresses 🔎

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Below Are The Original Entry Requirements

Check out the entry requirements and original competition page below as our next competition will be similar.

Video Inspiration:

  1. A Workout: Capture a focused adjustable dumbbells workout, highlighting your dedication.
  2. Daily Routine: Share a narrative of how home gym equipment has transformed your daily routine.
  3. Achieving More: Illustrate the strength training inspiration that pushes you to achieve more.
  4. Journey Reflection: Showcase a before-and-after transformation, highlighting the role of Ironmaster equipment in your fitness evolution.
  5. Family Fitness: Illustrate how Ironmaster home gym equipment can be a bonding tool for families, emphasizing shared workouts or friendly challenges.
  6. Overcoming Obstacles: Narrate a personal story of overcoming a fitness hurdle or setback, emphasizing the motivational push that Ironmaster equipment provided.
  7. Mood Boosting Workouts: Emphasize the mental health benefits of working out, showcasing how a session with Ironmaster equipment can uplift your mood and spirit.

Key Terms:

  1. Eligibility: Open exclusively to UK residents aged 18 and over.
  2. Video Requirements: Videos should be under 1 minute, in portrait format, of the highest video quality you are able to provide, and must feature Ironmaster home gym equipment.
  3. Content Use: If you don’t own Ironmaster equipment, you can creatively use content from our website, Ironmaster.com, or our YouTube channels.
  4. Rights to Content: By participating, you grant Ironmaster the right to use your video for promotional activities.
  5. Competition Duration: 23rd September 2023 to 21st October 2023.
  6. Voting Period: Public voting will take place on this page from 23rd October to 29th October 2023.
  7. Winner Announcement: 30th October 2023.
  8. Full Terms and Conditions: can be found here.

How to Participate:

  1. Craft Your Video: Dive deep into your personal fitness motivation and create an inspiring video.
  2. Submit Your Entry: Email (info@ironmaster.co.uk) us your creation with the subject “Motivation by [your Instagram Username]” and include a brief description of the video. The video should be sent in the email via file-sharing platforms such as WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Multiple entries per person are allowed and encouraged.
  3. Engage & Vote: Once submissions are live, encourage your network to vote for your masterpiece on this page.

We can’t wait to see your epicly motivating videos, see how the public vote, and then hand out the prizes!


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