Bench with Two or more Attachments

Bench with Two or more Attachments

Create your own discounted custom combo with the Super Bench or Super Bench PRO and at least two of its many great attachments to get great savings.

Choose the Super Bench and add at least two attachments to start.

Discounts are based on the minimum cart totals (shown below), not which specific products you choose, and are applied in the Cart page.

Remember, the more equipment you purchase now, the more you’ll save!

Min Cart Total Discount Level
£415 Good
£501 Better
£901 Best

Choose Bench Attachments

Sold Out

Hybrid Bench Pad

Sold Out

Leg Attachment

Sold Out

Leg Attachment PRO

Sold Out

Crunch Attachment

Sold Out

Dip Handles

Sold Out

Preacher Attachment


Chin Attachment

Sold Out

Wall Organiser

Sold Out

Wheel Kit

Sold Out

Calf Block

Sold Out

Cable Tower Attachment V2

Sold Out

Hyper Core Attachment


Spotting Stand

Sold Out

Roller Covers – Crunch

Sold Out

Roller Covers – Leg

Sold Out

Attachment Organiser