IM2000 Package 3 – The Ultimate Home Gym

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  • Discounted package includes the IM2000, Super Bench, Crunch Attachment, Dip Handles, Preacher Attachment and Leg Attachment.
  • The world's best smith machine?
  • The world's smoothest operating self spotting machine?
  • One of the world's most popular weight benches.
  • The world’s most adjustable weight bench.
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With this package you get our flagship IM2000 Self Spotting Machine and popular Super Bench, plus four home gym favourites: the Crunch Attachment, Dip Handles, Preacher Attachment and the Leg Attachment.

This combination is the perfect solution for adding focus and variety to your training, without compromising the quality of your routine. Add wide variety to your workouts with a convenient and cost effective package from the home gym experts.

“This equipment is fantastic! Extremely tough, yet compact. You can do all your free weight exercises, and add the smith machine wherever you like. The cable system is as smooth as silk.” – Kevin W.

The IM2000 is the most versatile, innovative, adaptable bit of kit we offer. It takes just one special piece of kit to turn your home gym into an all-round set up. The IM2000 is secure and solid, giving you a reliable self-spotting system for full body or split work.
And if you buy just one bench for your home gym, make it the Ironmaster Super Bench. Why is this one of the most popular weight training benches in the world? It’s reliably strong, rock solid, and massively versatile. Plus it’s built with the quality craftsmanship you expect from Ironmaster.

Why choose this combo?

Ironmaster pride themselves on producing extra heavy duty home strength training equipment that is made to last a lifetime of hard use.

In an ideal world, you’d be able to squat, press, push, or pull your top weight with total confidence every time.  You’d never need a spotter. But the reality of lifting serious weights at home is different. It’s impossible to be 100% confident every single time you unrack the bar or send heavy dumbbells overhead.

Which is why a truly reliable self-spotting system is a must-have for every home gym. With the IM2000, you can go as heavy as you want with total confidence. Trust the kit, and focus on the next rep

No home gym is complete without a good adjustable bench. Our Super Bench weightlifting bench is adjustable, versatile, and easy to move.

We really believe this is the best utility bench for home use, which comes into its own when you need amazing versatility in a limited space. Combined with the four attachments available here, you’ll be able to expand the capacity of your workouts. Check out some exercise suggestions further down the page.

This amazing combination of kit will become the cornerstone of your home gym.

Don’t let your home workouts be held back by equipment. Choose kit you can trust to see you through every rep of every session. No stress, no fuss, no frustration. After all, isn’t that why you made the decision to train at home?

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Discover the full benefits of this combo

Easy To Use Adjustable Bench

IronmasterUK Super Bench Specifications

When you’re training by yourself in a home gym, you don’t want to waste time lugging heavy benches around or fiddling with awkward adjustments. The Ironmaster Super Bench is incredibly easy to use. It gives you the choice of 11 lock out angles (including decline), adjustable by using the foot-activated lever from either side of the bench.

And it couldn’t be easier to fit, remove, and adjust the many attachments which go with the Super Bench. This bench can be transformed into dozens of different bits of kit. Simply pull out the pin, slide the attachment in, fit the pin and tighten it with the patented locking ring lever system. Super simple, rock solid, and reliable even under the biggest loads.

“This is the only bench you’ll ever need and more. Hands down this is the best Bench I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, it’s extremely solid and very well constructed using high quality materials. If you’re looking to build a home gym, buy this. Once you add in the attachments, it’s a very well rounded system. Bottom line, don’t look elsewhere, you won’t regret the purchase.” – Dario

Your Self-Spotting Multi-Gym

IronmasterUK IM2000 Specifications

When you choose to build your entire workout around just one piece of equipment, it needs to be quick and easy to adjust. The IM2000 has been built with you in mind. You won’t waste any time fitting, adjusting, or removing parts as you flow through your workout. The IM2000 has been designed to work for you, so you can get on with the important job of training.

“Best Machine on the Market This machine is amazing! It allows me to get all my workouts in right at home without taking up too much space. If you are looking for a machine that does everything you need this is it. My home gym is now complete thanks to my IM2000. The Ironmaster team provides top of the line products along with excellent customer service. The only thing I regret is waiting this long to make my purchase, so don’t hesitate if you are building a home gym this is a must!” – Carlos M.

The IM2000 has an impressive compact footprint of 125cm by 125cm, with built in plate storage. It helps turn the smallest home gym into an enviable training space which performs better than you could ever imagine. It’s easy to reposition, but rock solid when it’s in place. You’ll have total confidence as you push, pull, row, and squat under heavy loads.

Like all Ironmaster home gym kit, the IM2000 is built tough. It’s made from best quality materials, including structural steel, and treated with a top quality finish so it keeps pace with your training over the years.

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Ironmaster Crunch Attachment

IronmasterUK Super Bench Crunch Attachment Demo

Lots of FID Benches come with crunch attachments, but none are as adjustable as ours. It can adjust the angle of the bench from tame (just past level) to nearly vertical – and it’s so easy to fix to the bench.

You need to get your set up spot on before you do your first rep. Our ergonomic leg position locks you securely in place with a slightly elevated knee position, so it’s easy on your lower back.

We know there’s nothing more annoying than roller pads that are too solid or riddled with ridges. The best pads are durable, but mould to your body over time. The addition of our Vinyl Roller Covers makes everything wipe clean – useful if you ever have other people training in your home gym.

The perfect set of Dip Handles

IronmasterUK Super Bench Dip Handles Demo

You’ll need the option of more than one height for your Dip Handles. The Ironmaster Dip Handles have three different height position available, from 127cm to 133cm from the floor.

The simple pull pin locking system keeps everything securely in place. Just slide the attachment into the spine of the Super Bench and you are ready to go. Set up quickly and get more from your workout time, with the confidence that nothing will wobble or come loose. Focus on what’s important – your training. This is equipment you can rely on.

We know that comfortable kit means you can focus on your training. With a width of 58cm, our ergonomic heavy duty rubber grips are guaranteed to give you a firm grip whilst supporting your body weight (and any extra weight you want to add for dips).

“Like all things Ironmaster, this will last you a lifetime. Secure and strong and there is little movement.” – Wayne C.

The best home gym Leg Attachment

IronmasterUK Super Bench Leg Attachment Demo with weight plates

Along with post-2011 Quick-Lock Dumbbell weight plates, you can use Standard or Olympic weight plates to the load rating of 200lbs / 90kgs.

Note: Pre-2011 Quick-Lock Dumbbell weight plates may not fit due to the close tolerances on the centre holes of the plates.

Why do home gym owner’s love Ironmaster? Once you’ve felt Ironmaster’s super smooth bearing action you won’t settle for anything else. Keep your muscles under tension with fluid, continuous movement.

Leg training is never going to be the most comfortable experience, but we don’t think your kit should contribute to that. Setting yourself up correctly helps you get the most out of each set (and minimises risk of injuries). Our adjustable two-position roller pads allow you to seat yourself correctly, and the pad density is just the right balance of comfort and durability.

IronmasterUK Super Bench Preacher Attachment Demo

Get more from your Preacher Attachment

You’ll be amazed at the versatility of this home gym preacher attachment. Change the angle of the pad using the selector pin to three positions, and adjust the bench angle too. Try starting on the steepest angle for higher reps, then flatten the angle of the pad slightly with each set as you add more weight and reduce your reps. Hit your biceps from all angles and in all rep ranges. You can’t do that on a fixed angle bench!

Try Barbell preacher curls, EZ bar preacher curls, dumbbell preacher curls, cable preacher curls. Even kettlebell preacher curls.

(Image of Preacher Attachment & Dockable Curl support used with IM2000)

Feeling the pump during arm training is great – but feeling pain from your kit is definitely not. Our preacher pad has been engineered to be firm but well cushioned, and the shape sits perfectly against your chest. It is made of durable, hard wearing vinyl so it’s easy to clean.

“I have been using it to perform cable isolation curls. The preacher attachment is sturdy, well constructed, and I think a nice feature to have in a home gym system.” – Dr Lawickion

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Exercises with this Ironmaster Combo

IronmasterUK Chest

Dips – chest version

Adjust the height of the dip handles and get into the starting position with your body at arm’s length above the bars. Lower yourself while leaning your torso forward around 30 degrees and slightly flaring out your elbows, feeling a stretch in the chest. Press up through your chest to return to the starting position.

IronmasterUK Abdominals

Leg or knee raises

Work your core by starting with the dip handles in the reversed position, over the Super Bench seat pad. Angle the bench as required, lay back with your arms above your head holding onto the dip handles. Bring your knees towards your torso with either your legs bent or straight. Return to the starting position, controlling the descent, and repeat.

IronmasterUK Abdominals


Target your abdominals from multiple angles. Adjust the angle of the Super Bench to your required difficulty, hold on to the single handle, and mount the Super Bench. Lay flat on the bench with your hands either behind your head, across your chest, or holding a weight plate.  Push the small of your back down and roll your shoulders off the bench to isolate your abs.
Return to the original position and repeat.

IronmasterUK Chest

Decline Barbell Press

Train your pecs by setting the Super Bench to the desired angle. Use the single handle to get into position.  Use a medium width grip that forms a 90 degree angle between the upper arms and the forearms when the barbell is at your chest. Un-rack the bar and hold it directly over you with straight arms. Lower the bar slowly until it touches your lower chest then press the bar back up, focusing on your chest and contracting your pecs. When your set is completed, re-rack the bar.

IronmasterUK Biceps

Barbell / EZ Bar Preacher Curls

Isolate the biceps from multiple angles with underhand grip preacher curls followed by overhand grip preacher curls. Adjust both the Preacher Attachment and the Super Bench to your required angle and mount the bench. Grip the bar with underhand or overhand grip. With your upper arms against the front of the pad and your chest against the cushioned lip, slowly raise the bar to shoulder height so your biceps are fully contracted. Slowly return to the starting position with your arms extended and biceps stretched fully and repeat.

IronmasterUK Quadriceps

Leg Extension

Leg extensions are a great way to focus on the quads. Sit upright on the Super bench and adjust the roller pad height so the lower roller pad sits just above your foot on your shin. Your legs be at a 90 degree angle in the resting position, before extending your legs to the maximum while squeezing your quads at the top of the rep. You can also do single legged leg extensions.

This is just a tiny list of the exercises you could do with this package!

Buy it once, buy it right

This IM2000 package gives you two of Ironmasters best loved products along with four customer favourite attachments. From your first training session on the IM2000 you’ll understand why this is our most popular all-rounder for home gym use. It’s good-looking, rock solid, and incredibly adaptable. And once you start putting the Super Bench through its paces, you’ll see why we get so excited about this product.

Ironmaster kit is made with passion by people who know exactly what you need for a great home gym training session. This combination will be the centrepiece around which you build a truly impressive home gym.

It gives you the opportunity to add exercises to your routine, and push yourself to the limit knowing your equipment can keep up. We want you to be able to do any exercise in your home gym space.

Invest wisely in the best home gym equipment and you’ll never have to replace it. Choose quality design, high end materials, and detailed workmanship.

Our flexible cost-effective solution is already the choice of serious home gym owners from the UK to Australia.

An investment in your gym equipment is an investment in your physique.

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Product Specifications

IM2000 Self Spotting Machine

Weight 300 lbs (136 kg)
Height 84.5″ (215 cm)
Length 48″ (125 cm)
Width 48″ (125 cm)
Load Rating 1000 lbs (450 kg), 350 lbs (159 kg) for included cable system
Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Super Bench

Weight 75 lbs (32 kg)
Height 20″ (51 cm)
Length 44″ (112 cm)
Width 18.75″ (48 cm)
Load Rating 1000 lbs (450 kg)
Padding Thickness 3″ (7.5 cm)
Incline / Decline Angles 11
Adjustment Levels 3
Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Crunch Attachment

Weight 7.5 lbs (3.5 kg)
Load Rating 600 lbs (272 kg)
Adjustment Levels 6
Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Dip Handles

Weight 9 lbs (4 kg)
Height 50″ (127 cm) – 53″ (133.5 cm)
Width 23″ (58.5 cm)
Load Rating 350 lbs (159 kg)
Warranty 10 Year Waranty

Preacher Attachment

Weight 15 lbs (7 kg)
Height 12″ (30 cm)
Width 24″ (61 cm)
Padding Thickness 2″ (5 cm)
Load Rating 120 lbs (55 kg
Adjustment Levels 3 (plus Super Bench angle)
Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Leg Attachment

Weight 24 lbs (11 kg)
Load Rating 300 lbs (136 kg)
Adjustment Levels 2
Warranty 10 Year Warranty


Discounted package including the IM2000, Super Bench, Dip Handles, Crunch Attachment, Preacher Attachment and Leg Attachment.


  • Includes: Upper and lower pulley/cable system, plate holders, lifting bar with Olympic adapters, lat pulldown bar.
  • The world’s best smith machine?
  • The world’s smoothest operating self spotting machine?
  • You will not find a machine with better feeling free-flowing action.
  • Unique slide bushing and rail system for long life and minimal friction.
  • The frame is made from 11 gauge structural steel.
  • Rated to 1000 lbs (450 kg) and 350 lbs (158 kg) for the included cable system.
  • Use Standard or Olympic weights.
  • Height: 84.5″” (215 cm), Width: 48″” (122 cm), Length: 48″” (122 cm).

Super Bench

  • Can be used for incline, decline, flat, and upright exercises.
  • 11 lock out angles: Inclines, Declines, Flat and Upright. 0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees.
  • Includes 3 position tapered seat that plugs in from the side without any pins.
  • The incline seat follows the main backrest pad, so they are always at right angles, ensuring the perfect seating position.
  • Rated for 1000lbs (450 kg) in the flat position and 600 lbs or (270 kg) in the incline and upright positions.
  • Made from high quality 11 and 12 gauge powder coated steel for superior durability.
  • Extremely comfortable padding with high quality stitched vinyl upholstery.
  • Conveniently located foot lever angle adjuster can be accessed from both sides.
  • Highly compact and stable platform.
  • Many optional attachments available.
  • Ships pre-assembled except for feet so you can start lifting in just a few minutes. Only simple tools are needed to get your bench ready.
  • As seen in Muscle and Fitness Magazine® and Men’s Fitness® and countless web sites.
  • Designed for the home gym, but built well enough to use for light commercial gyms. Popular with personal trainers for studio use due to the amazing functionality and high level of build quality.
  • Stay tuned for future attachments being developed!

Dip Handles

  • Easily attaches to the Super Bench with the pull pin.
  • Made of high quality steel with ergonomic hard wearing rubber grips.
  • Can be adjusted to three different height positions: 50″” (127 cm) to 53″” (133 cm).
  • Can be used for tricep, chest and abdominal training.
  • Perfect for dips and leg/knee raises.
  • Rated to 350 lbs (159 kg).
  • 58.5 cm wide.

Crunch Attachment

  • Our most popular Super Bench attachment.
  • Attaches easily to Super Bench spine with the pull pin in 6 positions to fit any height user.
  • Locks you in place securely and is easy on the lower back with the slightly elevated knee position.
  • Grab handle to help get in and out even at difficult angles.
  • Perfect position for abdominal training.
  • Also assists in steep angled decline presses.
  • The angle can be adjusted for a varying range of crunch difficulty and decline presses.
  • Built with comfortable and heavy duty pads.

Preacher Attachment

  • Use with barbells, EZ Bars, Dumbbells, Cable Attachments and Kettlebells!
  • Massively adjustable with 3 angles PLUS adjusting bench angles.
  • Isolates and maximises bicep curl exercises.
  • Pad is 12″” (30 cm) high, 24″” (61 cm) wide & 2″” (5 cm) thick.
  • Well cushioned pad is made of hard wearing vinyl.
  • Can be used with the Ironmaster Super Bench and Dockable Curl Support for the IM2000.

Leg Attachment

  • Includes Olympic sleeve to allow the use of Olympic, Standard or Quick-Lock plates!
  • Rated to 200 lbs (91 kg).
  • Thick, comfortable heavy duty foam roller pads.
  • Adjustable pad positions.
  • Extra smooth bearing action.


IM2000 Exercise Playlist


IM2000 Self Spotting Machine

Super Bench

Crunch Attachment

Dip Handle

Preacher Attachment

Leg Attachment

3 reviews for IM2000 Package 3 – The Ultimate Home Gym

  1. Awesome, full-range machine in a small package. I have been working out for years and wanted to add a leg press and smith machine element to my home gym. My space is limited and the Ironmaster 2000 met my specs, particularly that it is multifunctional and can handle serious weight. It and the bench are solid, quality products that have met my needs!

    5 out of 5
  2. This equipment is fantastic! Extremely tough, yet compact. You can do all your free weight exercises, and add the smith machine wherever you like. The cable system is as smooth as silk. You can even do low rows on this machine! The pec dec is fantastic, and the bench is the toughest I’ve seen. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is serious about a home gym. The people at Ironmaster are fantastic to work with. You wont be disappointed.

    5 out of 5
  3. The IM2000 is the absolute staple in home gym fitness. With its small 4×4 foot print there is absolutely no rival for what it can do for its size. The design is so simple yet pure genius, and you can tell a lot of thought went into this machine. Cable workouts ranging from lat work to cable bicep curls, free weight bench press, Smith machine shoulder work. You name it can do it and do it extremely well. I just ordered the new olympic bar holders and spotting arms and can’t wait to get them.

    5 out of 5
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