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Fat Grip Adaptor Set


  • Increase the Quick-Lock Dumbbell Handle diameter to either 4 cm or 5 cm.
  • Also fits the IM2000 lifting bar.
  • Easily bolt on the handles.
  • Work your forearms.
  • Made from high strength plastic with real knurling.
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If you already own our Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells, you’ll know what an incredible product these are. An innovative design created for home gyms, to help you save both space and cash. But have you ever wished your dumbbells could be even more versatile?

Increasing the diameter of your dumbbell handles brings a whole new dimension to your training, helping to increase grip strength and target your forearms.

You can now add an extra challenge to your home gym training, with these Fat Grip Adapters made for our legendary Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells. You have the choice of two diameters – 1.5’’ (40mm) or 2’’ (50mm). And they also fit the Ironmaster IM2000 lifting bar.

Ironmaster Fat Grip Adapters for Dumbbells and IM2000 Lifting Bar

IronmasterUK quick-lock dumbbells

Our Quick-Lock Dumbbells are a customer favourite, bringing all the versatility of an entire dumbbell rack to even the smallest home gyms. With these Fat Grip Adapters, you can increase the diameter of your Quick-Lock Dumbbell handles to give your body a new challenge.

These adapters also fit the Ironmaster IM2000 lifting bar, making them a truly cost-effective extra for your home gym. This option gives you the opportunity to train your grip, target your forearms, and bring a new dimension to all curling, pressing, and pulling exercises.

Ironmaster is an industry leader in strength training equipment for home gyms. Our experts work hard to produce the best, hard-wearing equipment that’s guaranteed to withstand all your hard work.

Ironmaster kit is commercial grade equipment, made to solve the challenges of home gyms. Ironmaster strength kit is used by Pro bodybuilders, professional athletes, and dedicated home gym owners around the world.

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About the Ironmaster Fat Grip Adapters

This quality piece of kit is made from high strength moulded plastic with real knurling. They are easy to bolt on to the chrome handles and then remove again, when you want to go back to the standard grips. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver.

Built to last

The Ironmaster Fat Grip Adapters have been designed to support you through a lifetime of lifting, with high quality materials and an expert finish. They are solid, sturdy, and built to last.

Quality materials

These Fat Grip Adapters are built from quality materials including high strength moulded plastic and real knurling. They have been testing under real workout conditions, and will keep their quality and integrity after years of use.

Buy it once, buy it right

Ironmaster kit is built solid, to last you a lifetime of confident lifting. Our design, durability and build quality means you can trust your kit to keep working hard. Don’t cut corners and buy cheap extra equipment for your home gym. Keep it Ironmaster for the quality and reliability you need in your home gym.

At Ironmaster we believe no home gym should be held back by its equipment. You should be able to focus on your workout, not worry about your equipment. No stress, no fuss, no frustration.

After all, isn’t that why you decided to train at home?

Ironmaster’s Fat Grip Adapters give you the opportunity to push yourself to new places in your training, using our Quick-Lock Dumbbells or IM2000 Lifting Bar.

Uncompromising quality. Strength and durability. No-nonsense, beautiful kit.

Equipment that works as hard as you do.

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Grip Diameter

1.5" (4 cm), 2" (5 cm)


10 Year Warranty


  • Increase the Quick-Lock Dumbbell Handle diameter to either 4 cm or 5 cm.
  • Also fits the IM2000 lifting bar.
  • Easily bolt on the handles.
  • Work your forearms.
  • Made from high strength plastic with real knurling.


Fat Grip Adaptor


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